Advance Login Form In Visual Studio 2010





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Uploaded on Aug 8, 2010

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In This Tutorial I Showed You How To Make An Advance Login Form In Visual Studio.....
create account button=====
If TextBox1.Text = "" Or TextBox2.Text = "" Or TextBox3.Text = "" Or TextBox4.Text = "" Or TextBox5.Text = "" Then MsgBox("Fill all The Form", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Fill The Form") Me.Button1.Enabled = False Else If TextBox4.Text = TextBox5.Text Then Me.Button1.Enabled = True MsgBox("Congrates! Your Account Is Created", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Congratulation") Form2.Show() Me.Hide() My.Settings.password = TextBox4.Text My.Settings.username = TextBox3.Text My.Settings.Save() My.Settings.Reload() Else End If End If If Not TextBox4.Text = TextBox5.Text Then MsgBox("Error,Password Doesnt Match!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Error") TextBox4.Text = String.Empty TextBox5.Text = String.Empty End If
Already Have Account============= Form2.Show() Me.Hide()
TextBox1_TextChanged======== If TextBox1.Text = "" Then Button1.Enabled = False Else Me.Button1.Enabled = True End If End Sub

TextBox2_TextChanged========== If TextBox2.Text = "" Then Button1.Enabled = False Else Me.Button1.Enabled = True End If End Sub

TextBox3_TextChanged======== If TextBox3.Text = "" Then Button1.Enabled = False Else Me.Button1.Enabled = True End If End Sub
TextBox4_TextChanged======= If TextBox4.Text = TextBox5.Text Then Me.Button1.Enabled = True ElseIf TextBox4.Text = "" Then Button1.Enabled = False End If End Sub

TextBox5_TextChanged======= If TextBox5.Text = TextBox4.Text Then Me.Button1.Enabled = True ElseIf TextBox5.Text = "" Then Button1.Enabled = False End If End Sub Form1_Load==== Button1.Enabled = False End Sub
login button======
If Not TextBox1.Text = My.Settings.username Or Not TextBox2.Text = My.Settings.password Or TextBox1.Text = "" Or TextBox2.Text = "" Then MsgBox("Error! Wrong Username or Passward!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Error") Else If TextBox1.Text = My.Settings.username And TextBox2.Text = My.Settings.password Then MsgBox("Welcome! " + My.Settings.username, MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Welcome") Form3.Show() Me.Hide() End If End If
make an account============ Form1.Show() Me.Hide()
My.Settings.Reload() My.Settings.Save()
Form 3=================
open button==========
If RadioButton2.Checked Then OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() OpenFileDialog1.Filter = "Image Files(*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,*.jpeg)|*.jpg" PictureBox1.Visible = True RichTextBox1.Visible = False PictureBox1.ImageLocation = OpenFileDialog1.FileName ElseIf RadioButton1.Checked Then OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() OpenFileDialog1.Filter = "Text File(*.txt)|*.txt" PictureBox1.Visible = False RichTextBox1.Visible = True Dim txtfilename As String = OpenFileDialog1.FileName If System.IO.File.Exists(txtfilename) Then Dim read As New System.IO.StreamReader(txtfilename) RichTextBox1.Text = read.ReadToEnd read.Close() End If End If
ChangeColorToolStripMenuItem_Click==== Dim colors As New ColorDialog colors.ShowDialog() RichTextBox1.ForeColor = colors.Color End Sub

SelectAllToolStripMenuItem_Click=== RichTextBox1.SelectAll() End Sub

DselectAllToolStripMenuItem_Click=== RichTextBox1.DeselectAll() End Sub

ClearAllTheTextToolStripMenuItem_Click RichTextBox1.Clear() End Sub

ChangeFontToolStripMenuItem_Click=== Dim fonts As New FontDialog fonts.ShowDialog() RichTextBox1.Font = fonts.Font End Sub

RadioButton1_CheckedChanged===== If RadioButton1.Checked Or RadioButton2.Checked Then Button1.Enabled = True End If End Sub

RadioButton2_CheckedChanged==== If RadioButton2.Checked Or RadioButton1.Checked Then Button1.Enabled = True End If End Sub


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