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Published on Jun 25, 2011

Scene in Dirty Harry, where Inspector Callahan has Scorpio in the position he wants him to be.

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"Well I'm all cut up about that man's rights."
Curtis Ostriker
This scene is practically unrivaled to this day. Why? Andy G. Robinson. Never have I seen in cinematic history before or since a truly disturbed sociopath played so dead on convincingly as was Robinson in the character of Scorpio. The chase scene prior to this is mesmerizing in its realism. Robinson looks like a panicked and wounded animal as he goes down the stairs breathing erratically, of the stadium looking to elude Harry who gives chase. That moment sets up perfectly what comes next. Robinson is shot in the leg and pirouttes beautifully in the air, such is the force of the round that hits him in the lower leg. From here it gets sickingly disturbing and sheer genuis as the twisted psyche of Scorpio is revealed. His gutteral animal sounds and almost childlike churdling as he pleads for his life(INCREDIBLE acting) intertwined with the blurry surrealism of the darkened field and the chilling music backdrop, mesmerizes the viewer. Robinson owns this movie. When I first saw this I truly thought that the director in an astounding moment of twisted inspiration, found an emotionally unbalanced man to play this role. So convincing was Andy as the villain. Many actors have tried to play a sociopath in tight suspenful dramas but compared to Robinson they come off as formulatic sterile performances. It is my humble opinion that Andy would've been a chilling Joker opposite Christian Bale in Batman. 
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Harry wouldn't last in today's politically correct society.
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A serial killer pleading for his rights... classic. What's really sad is that today liberals actually do defend and free people like this, just like they did in the movie.
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David Hayward
This is When police brutality is actually acceptable
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Sean O'B
he deserved all of that
John Riley
"go on out and get some air, fatso" AHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAA!
Todd Schneck
They don't make 'em like this anymore!
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You placed yourself outside of the social contract. Don't be surprised if someone follows you there...
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I love the jibberish after Scorpio is shot. Lol
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