Tea Party Blamed for Gifford's Shooting?





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Published on Jan 8, 2011

Appearing on Fox News shortly after the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabriella Gifford in Arizona, State Senator Linda Lopez (Democrat, District 29) suggests the Tea Party movement may be blame. At the time of this interview, nothing was known about the shooter, not even his name, let alone his possible motives. But that did not stop Senator Lopez from cast aspersions at the Tea Party. Attempting to use this tragic event for political gain is reprehensible.

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Ammosmith Reloading
The Left loves to point fingers and yet the left calls Republicans racists and so on. With incidents like this and the opportunists on both sides we are more divided as a nation as ever. Free speech is exactly that. Glen Beck has nothing to do with this...nor does Rush. The only one responsible is the shooter and those who gave him aid and support. The Left wants to silence all dissent. Will they be as eager if Olberman was talking trash and a Republican lawmaker was targeted? i doubt it.
You happy now Glenn Beck?
@tgchism - KIETH OLBERMANN! That was the jack ass that drove this crack pot over the edge. KIETH OLBERMANN and MSNBC!!! The Daily KOS, the Huffington Post are to blame for this guys actions! They got his computer and he is a REGISTERED member at the several LEFT WING sites. The guy lists Mien Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as his favorite books! Doesn't take much to see where this nut jobs been getting his anger from. So Blame everyone but the gun man like douche bag liberals always do.
@MrMvt333 - I don't listen to talk radio. I just don't see the point to it. They are paid to do what they do and therefore about as real as professional wrestling. (I know the south believes its all real and what not.) I just don't want people playing a blame game and excusing what this crazy loon did as being someone else's fault. He is to blame for his own actions. 
@MrMvt333 - Still developing. Was reported on HLN and CNN. Comment is attributed to information they pulled from his computer. "unofficial source within the police department.) - Then again the Chief came out and all but said he stated it was because he listens to talk radio... so who knows what, or who he listened too. Beck has never advocated violence the way that many on the left have and do. I don't know about Rush or others though. - I say give it time and the truth will be known.
@MrMvt333 - Perhaps Alex Jones, that guy is a far out loon freak. Him and Kieth Olbermann. After all, the guy sent Kieth emails about how much he worshiped him.
@MrMvt333 - The guy was a loon. I bet if someone read him the Dr Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham he'd have gone out and shot a farmer. There is only one person to blame, the gunman himself. If not a gun, the guy would have made a bomb, used his car, or ran through the group with a knife or golf club. When a crazy ass dumb shit decides to go all crack pot on society, there isn't much we can do about it until he acts. He broke a lot of laws today, but they didn't stop him from doing what he did.
Al Santi
Tea Party = Baby killers
well, if the left wing is as crazy as the tea party accuses, it wouldn't surprise me if i showed up at a tea party rally, and just hold up a sign that says "i don't understand anything. who's with me? :D"
Tea Party Guilty? The Tea Party, which I'm not a member of, is the only thing that is helping prevent our country from going over the cliff along with Greece, France & England. Anyone who wants a balanced budget, constitutional based laws, no double and triple taxation, advocating for the liberal slave agenda which makes people dependent caused her death? Stupidity is abound in this nation, how else can such a wasteful admin be elected.
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