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Published on Jan 12, 2009

Finally a home workout for quads that is as good as as anything a gym has to offer! Took me awhile to come up with a safe, effective exercise people can do at home for quads with simple equipment. Most home workouts for quads work only work for beginners but this exercise will work even for pro BBers with elephant legs. There are very few quad exercises I feel I can safely lift large amounts of weight and this is one of them. I love the burn and even more I love being so incredibly sore the next days that walking is difficult and going down stairs impossible :)

Everybody wants a big chest and arms, you dont have to nag people to do bench press or bicep curls. Many people though neglect legs thinkng that they can just wear long pants their whole life long but thats a BBIIIIIIIIIG mistake because some day its gonna be SO hot that they have to wear short pants.

So, how do you know if you have the dreaded "peg-leg disease"? Take this simple test, measure the circumference of your chest and measure the circumference of your legs (at the largest point), take the ratio (chest/legs).

*If your chest/leg ratio is less than 1.7 - Congratulations, you have thighs of death!

* If it is between 1.7 and 1.85 then you have great legs, nicely proportioned to your torso.

* If its between 1.85 and 2.0 your legs are lagging a bit but its not embarrassing :)

* If its greater than 2.0 then you have severe chicken-leg syndrome.

Couple other points. Do these slowly 1-2s up down. No bouncing on the stool, its just there for safety. When you go down just touch it very lightly. Now lets talk about foot position. Some people say you should point your toes in, some say you should point them out, I say - use a natural stance. We want to minimize the stress on the knee joint so stand naturally, look at your feet - that is how they should be angled. The quads are really strong muscles so you may find that the dumbbells you are using are very heavy and you might need to use wrist straps so that you can hold them long enough - dont want to be dropping the weights.
I know I harp on this a lot, but its really important that you keep everything in balance. You do legs AND upper body. And when you do quads you do hamstrings too. Big quads and tinsy hamstrings not only looks stupid but its really bad for the knee joint. I actually had knee pain that was being caused from quads being too strong for the hamstrings and they were causing my kneecaps to track incorrectly, brining my hamstring strength into proportion solved the pain.

Very important point here people! Please listen to this and save hundreds of your hard earned dollars. BELIEVE NOTHING YOU SEE! There are tens of thousands of products out there promising "Gain 20lbs muscle in 8weeks, guaranteed" and they have tons of before-after photos of "satisfied customers" prooving how great their sh*t is. DONT FALL FOR IT! These people have no shame, they will do anything to get your money - including altering before-after photographs.

Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts.

Nutrition is key to being able to add muscle! I cover nutrition on my website, if thats not detailed enough for you I have reviewed and recommended some excellent books:


For more information on home workouts, please see my free website (no advertising either):


Limitation of Liability: Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate this information and with the help of your physician decide if it is appropriate for you.
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