Lord Kazzak 1% wipe with vent wow world of warcraft raid boss vanilla





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Published on Jun 23, 2006


May 4th 2005

We wiped at 1% or so and then killed him on the next attempt.
I threw my keyboard and headphones . That's why my buddy list and talent tree pops up :P
Guild is Atra Incedo aka Seditio of US-Lightnings Blade.
There were also a couple of people from Demonhunters, and Ethereal Titans in the 40 man raid.

This was recorded just 6 months into the release of original World of Warcraft. So take that into consideration. Many of us were totally new to MMO's. There weren't too many mods, or any real solid information about the game at the time. So you'll just have to excuse my clicking, and gear setup, even tho I was designated as OT. The date of this encounter was one of the first successful raiding experiences for many of us.

"Lord Kazzak was a world raid encounter, which means that players are allowed to participate in high-end content without the time investment necessary to hack ones way to the bottom of the dankest dungeons. Instead, he spawned within the back of the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands, a valley that is guarded by elite demonic forces left over from the Third War. The addition of these encounters opens up new game dynamics, both good and bad. While Blizzard expects a certain amount of competition for such high-end creeps, some players have been abusing Kazzak's special abilities with the specific intent to harass other players. "

From: http://www.thottbot.net/?n=657895

"Once he is aggroed and the fight begins, you have no more than three (3) minutes to kill him. I'll explain later why. He starts off with everything he's got. He keeps meleeing the main tank while Cleaving once in a while for rogues swarming around him and keeps sending Shadowbolt Volleys to hurt everyone around. The volleys are not on a timer, instead he casts them as he sees fit. In some rare cases there's about 30 seconds between the casts, sometimes he does it every five seconds. In the meantime, he casts Twisted Reflection and the rarer Mark of Kazzak on random people.

What to do here:

Send your main tank in and let him build some aggro for a short while, just enough so he won't come at you the first time you cast something on him. Then unload. Have your DPS classes give him everything they have. Priests have to be extra mindful about the magical debuff he casts on your group. It has to be removed as soon as possible or the attempt will soon end in a disaster. Priests are also in charge of healing their groups thanks to that Shadowbolt Volley that keeps hitting everyone all the time. Mages need to be on top of the curse situation. Mark of Kazzak can and will cause a wipe if you let it go off on you. Dispel the curse as soon as you can. All casters should also leave about 1000 mana in their mana pool just in case he casts the curse on you. That'll give the mages four seconds to dispel before it goes off. In other words, 1000 mana is out of mana in this raid encounter. Also, anyone dying during the fight is not an option. Unless it happens during the first five seconds of the fight, you've failed already. Do not use grounding totems, pets or other small things he can kill for the 70,000 health heal.

Your group will have exactly three minutes to finish the demon off. If you fail to kill him in that time due to lack of DPS, people dying or not dispelling Twisted Reflection properly, Lord Kazzak will enter what is called the Supreme Mode. Named after his yell once it triggers, the supreme mode causes him to cast his Shadowbolt every second. That's 800-1000 DPS on everyone, and that means a wipe. "

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Backpedal Nambaone
To all the guys who missing vanilla wow and fun world boss raids like this check Kronos wow, promises to be one of the best vanilla wow servers !
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billy bob
Back when no one gave a shit about wiping but having a good time. I remember back when a guild killed a boss they would keep the tactics a secret but now you have autistic addons that tell you what to do the whole fucking fight,
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Marsel Sultanov
10 years ago... Oh my fucking god (c) 00:35
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Jess Whallon
You really don't get this feeling anymore with the current wow. After a patch all bosses are killed within 24 hours, not very special imo.
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Mert Akşakar
I miss TBC so much good old days , best years of my life..
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Marius Nilsen
The real vanilla clicking skills.
Parry talent for no reason? You not tank... but well fight
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Alex Pino
Ah. Classic WoW.
Chris S.
This was when Kazzak was located in the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands, just south of the Dark Portal (before it was opened so this is true Vanilla WoW) when it was swarmed with lvl 60-62 elite demons.  Azuregos was another vanilla world boss, so were the 4 dragons of the emerald nightmare.
Eric Zabala
i dont understand the love vanilla gets
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