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Published on Nov 4, 2009

Just some L4D2 expert gameplay.

L4D Tips!

- Be aware of your surroundings.
Don't blindly run into a room / area. Take a quick look around and try to find any sort of glowing object. The idea is to scan an area and figure out what you're going to do before even stepping into the room.

- Figure out an escape plan.
When you're presented with a large amount of zombies running at you, try to figure out the best way to retreat whilst still being offensive (shooting at them). Don't just run away -- And don't just stand still. Move and fire, and be aware of your surroundings. Don't stare at one pack of zombies, turn around and check all directions to make sure you're not going to get slapped from behind.

- Assess each threat.
When you're being pounded by a horde of zombies (with teammates who are no good), try to assess the danger around you. Don't just shoot at random zombies and think everything will be OK. Assess everything around you, and take down any direct threat FIRST, then move onto whatever else you need to do. If a group of zombies is running at you, shoot the closest one.

- Make your shots count.
Don't just spam bullets at the horde. Aim high (shoulder height) at a group of infected so that you can score a bunch of headshots and take them down quicker.

- Angle your shots.
If a teammate gets in your way, don't direct your attention elsewhere. Relocate slightly and continue shooting at the most direct threat.

- Watch your teammates before throwing anything.
Before throwing a pipebomb, moltov, or jar of bile, look at your other teammates and make sure they aren't in the process of throwing something either. Throwing two pipebombs simultaneously is a huge waste.

- Assume your teammates are morons.
Don't rely on them. The less that you rely on others, the faster you will become better at this game. And when you fail, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. Don't assume they've got you covered, don't assume they'll heal you, don't assume they'll give you their pills, don't assume they'll be careful when shooting at zombies while you're in front of them. Assume they're morons, and be cautious at all times.

- Music, music, music.
Music cues are important for picking out when a horde is incoming, when the tank is spawning, when there's a witch about, and more. Don't disable music.

- Use your speakers.
You'll notice in my videos that I tend to throw a 180° spin and instantly melee. This is because Im listening to what's behind me. Always be on your toes.

- Blind shoving is a good technique.
When you're surrounded by a horde of zombies, try using the above techniques (assessing most direct danger and taking it down), whilst also blindly shoving. Simply throw a quick 180° spin, melee (while spinning), then go back to shooting at what you were shooting at previously. This will afford you the time to "manage" a group of zombies effectively whilst not taking any damage.

- Don't hog items.
Try to heal and pass pills to your teammates whenever you can. Teamwork is key.

- Keep moving.
Slowing down just gives more time for the special infected to spawn as well as ticking down the timer for the next horde attack. Every second that you spend waiting / being cautious, is another second that the zombies have to get the drop on you. Stay tight and keep on moving forward.

- Melee boomers.
Don't just shoot at boomers blindly. Shove them back and kill them cleanly.

- Shoot the tongue.
If you don't have a clear line of sight toward a constricted teammate or the smoker who's pulling them, you can shoot directly at tongue to save your teammate.

That's about all I can think of for now, at 2AM.

Happy zombie hunting!


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