Star Wars: TIE Fighter #33 'Battle for Honor #1: Mineclearing'





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Published on Apr 19, 2009

TIE Fighter playthrough, 132 videos. This is part 33.

Battle 5 'Battle for Honor' Mission #1: Mineclearing

This mission was hard for me, so I put it on easy. Still it was pretty annoying...I had to try this mission for over an hour before completing, and still I died at the end.

"Following the Conflict at Mylok IV, and the armistice in the Sepan system Admiral Harkov began solidifying his arrangements with the Rebel Alliance. During a secret meeting with his top advisors, Harkov received information about the recent transfer of a new pilot aboard Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector. Harkov expressed his concern about the pilot, suggesting he be a spy, furthermore inquiring his aid, Vondruln, for a solution to this problem. Vondruln, being the source of the information assured the Admiral, There will be an accident sir, further elaborating with He will not survive his next mission.

Prophets of the Secret Order had arranged to return Imperial Ace Maarek Stele back to the Protector. Steles prowess and knowledge of Admiral Harkov made him a valuable asset to the Order. Prophets informed Stele that the suspicious Imperial equipment and munitions found during the Sepan campaign had a strange correlation with supply shortages on Harkovs flagship. Order agents assured Stele of foul play, moreover that Stele was key to the success of closing the net on Admiral Harkov.


Maarek Steles first mission aboard the Protector entailed showing two rookie pilots how a hotshot clears a minefield in an unshielded craft. Order agents warned Stele of the unnecessary risk this assignment posed to him; moreover, to stay alert, and not hesitate to call for reinforcements as they had prepared special arrangements.

Stele departed Victory Star Destroyer Protector in TIE Interceptor Gamma 1, escorted by two other Interceptors. Stele proceeded to destroy the minefield around four cargo containers. Admiral Harkov came across the comlink as Stele blasted away Type A mines. Harkov suggested that Stele should move along, as his loyalty was in question. Growing frustrated, Harkov declared an end to the farce. He called Stele "the Emperor's stoolpigeon" then ordered Steles supposedly "rookie" wingmen to destroy Steles starfighter.

Stele called for reinforcements as his wing-mates opened fire. Nebulon-B2 frigate Osprey answered that call, emerging from hyperspace. Protector began launching TIE Avengers and TIE/sa bombers, swiftly answered by loyalist TIE Interceptors from the Osprey. Imperial fighters clashed in a fury of laser fire as Stele dumped all power into his engines to escape the string of pursuers.

Calamari Cruiser Margaret arrived as Gamma 1 neared the safety of the Ospreys gun range. Shuttle Lambda exited the Protector's hangar moments after Margaret arrived. Frigate Osprey ordered Stele to inspect the Lambda, curious of its cargo. Stele obeyed, hoping that the fully raging melee among Imperial starfighters provided a shred of safety. The passive inspection by Gamma 1 revealed an Officer aboard the Lambda, heading for Cruiser Margaret.

Stele turned his Interceptor back toward the Osprey, six kilometers away, through as maelstrom of Imperial and Rebel starfighters, all the while in an unshielded craft. Nearing the Osprey, Stele contributed to the battle for a short time, eliminating some of Harkovs fighters with the aid of Ospreys laser batteries, and by dumping his laser generator power into his engines to catch much faster TIE Avengers. Once safely in the hagner of Osprey, a Secret Order agent met with Stele; assuring him they now had irrefutable proof of Harkovs treachery.

Aboard the Protector Admiral Harkov was livid. Harkov berated his advisors, Vondruln in particular. Harkov spat in anger, Stele having escaped, the Empire discovering his traitorous plot, moreover the fact he now had no leverage to assure payment from the Rebellion with the Empire now on his tail. Having met his limit, Harkov drew his blaster and executed Vondruln with a bolt to the chest. Harkov finished by barking at his men to clean up the mess and make themselves scarce."


Let's Play Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Game: TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM Edition
Released: July 1995
Developer: Totally Games
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: DOS

This is the Collectors' CD-ROM Edition, wich comes with 2 expansion packs; "Defender of the Empire" and "Enemies of the Empire"

So, this is me playing TIE Fighter, Collectors' CD-ROM edition. I have never completed TIE Fighter, and this game includes 2 expansion packs, so I've got a lot of surprises ahead of me. And because I'm a rookie at this game, so I don't know every bonus mission, and I probably die often, but I edit the deaths out so you don't have to watch everything again and again.

And oh, this is not a complete extra ultimate edition super walkthrough, it's just me. :)

Because of the 10 minute limit, these videos will come in bits and pieces.


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