Isochronic Tones More Powerful Than Binaural Beats





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Published on Jan 20, 2014

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Isochronic Tones:
Has Science Discovered The Ultimate Goal Achievement Tool?

For thousands of years sages, teachers and prophets have tried to teach mankind how to harness the power of the heavens and use it here on earth. From the invention of hypnosis as far back as ancient Babylon and the use of chants, incantations and magic in the scared temples of Egypt to the pagan rituals of ancient Rome, Man has tried to elicit the help of unseen forces to attain his desires.

From religious prayer to magical incantation, from affirmations to visualizations people all over the world have different methods they use in an attempt to reach their objectives more quickly in an easier manner and more successfully.

However, although there have been many thousands (if not millions) of people who have benefited from the use of the "tried-and-tested" methods for giving goal-achievement a helping hand there have been just as many who have failed to achieve any success using them!

New Developments - Isochronic Tones:
Perhaps at least modern science has found the answer to the age old problems involved in the pursuit of goals. Perhaps we finally have a way of ensuring we reach every goal through the power of modern miracles!

Almost 200 years ago, as of 2010 it is 171 to be exact, a very clever scientists called Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that when you sent a one to the right ear and send another almost identical tone (different only in vibrational frequency) that the brain merged the two tones to create one tone that had a beating effect in the brain. Dove called these warbles or beat type effects "binaural beats".

In 1973 Dr Gerald Oster discovered that these binaural beats could be used to force the brain to produce very specific brainwaves and thus create very specific mental and physical state in the mind and body (because the body is directly controlled by the mind).

In recent times many self improvement industry specialists, especially hypnotherapists, have used these binaural beats to help induce alpha brainwave states and deeper states of trance.

However, because binaural beats require the listener to wear stereo headphones this form of brain entrainment remained largely a science that suited hypnotherapy recordings and meditation products.

Not anymore though.

With the invention of new audio technologies came the new brain entrainment tool known as "isochronic tones". These tones work in exactly the same way as binaural beats except they do not require the listener to wear earphones and can be listened to through any standard playback machine such as an MP3 player, CD player DVD player etc., depending on how the mode of delivery they have been imprinted on (i.e. CD, DVD, digital media etc.).

The most profound use of these isochronic tones would have to be in the area of subliminal messaging. As an aid to imprinting subliminal messages on the subconscious mind they are invaluable. In fact many of the best subliminal software programs now rely on brain entrainment plug-ins to ensure the recordings they create produce the desired results set forth by the person making them.

The very best subliminal CDs also come with some form of brain entrainment in order to ensure the subliminal messages they contain are driven deep into the subconscious mind.

If you would like to try the new isochronic tones for yourself by getting your hands on a free recording embedded with subliminal messages to help you manifest your desires then sign up for our free newsletter at http://www.personal-development.info

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