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Published on Sep 5, 2011

Title: 綠野仙蹤
Played by: 陳悅
Picture: Lovers on a Bridge by hakubaikou

The bamboo flute 簫 is played vertically, like the western recorder.

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ohhh im latin.. but i love the chinese music so much.. this make me so happy
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Illyrian Shepherd
I Died and Came back to Life
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Anime Fan !
2018 anyone??
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Jadson Leão
China has the most amazing colture of the world. I'd love to know this country.
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littlecozy light
Somebody else like this music?好喜欢古典音乐❤
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Johan Rojas
The story behind the song is that from ancient China and of a beautiful Chinese girl, Lian -Hua or Lotus Blossom who at 12 summers, was kidnapped by another clan. It was the Chinese ambassadors son, Chin Win who was much older and first lay eyes on her while she traveled with her family to his lands in the east to trade. Lian’s father, Cho, a musician and instrument maker had traveled there to sell the flutes and ruans he crafted, in the Great Emperors court. Upon her return home, Chin ordered a faction of the Great Emperors army to escort Lian -Hua and her family back to their lands in the west. As honored as Lian's family was for the kind gesture, little did they know Chin's real motive. By sunrise Lian had vanished and was nowhere in sight. Under the cover of night a few of Chin’s men gagged and tied her and rode away eastward. For days her family searched and mourned for Lian -Hua with the help of Chin's men, who only pretended to help as they knew all too well of her disappearance. Not fully knowing what happened to Lian -Hua, they feared she was dead and with that, many years passed. In those years, Lian -Hua had grown more beautiful than when she first arrived to the house of Chin. Chin tried for many years to win the love of Lian -Hua, but knowing of her abduction, she rejected him and thought only of her family and the lands to the west she so desperately missed. Chin grew frustrated with Lian -Hua and imprisoned her as punishment. Chin so loved Lian -Hua but her affection he could not have. As such, he became embittered and drank heavily and with Lian -Hua being held captive, he visited her one night, drunk and furious. "I bring you to this land in the hopes of making a better life for you and making you my wife and yet -you are ungrateful!" Chin said furiously while reaching for his knife as if to strike her. Lian -Hua, chained to the ground below slowly looked up at Chin. Her beautiful face radiated with the light of the fool moon shining through the window. -“Wait!” Lian cried. -“Know now that I came here captured by your will. My home, my family is beyond the mountains to the west, not here with you, yet you imprison me like a caged bird that I may someday love you.” Chin raised his head higher still holding his knife as Lian -Hua went on. -“It is you Chin, who is a prisoner among yourself. For as long as I am held here, I will never love you…never.” Tears swelled her eyes. It was these very words that Lian –Hua spoke that further enraged Chin. “Then if you can never love me, no one ever will!” With that, Chin took his knife and cut the right side of Lian’s beautiful face. A struggle ensued as Chin tried to have his way with Lian –Hua. She tried desperately to fight him off -only to feel the blade of his knife strike her in the chest. In her struggle, Lian –Hua let out a gasp and slowly fell to the ground. That same night Lian –Hua’s mother Mei awoke from a dream she had. In her dream, she heard Lian -Hua call to her and felt she was near. Mei rose and went outside and looked around calling to her daughter. “Lian –Hua, Lian –Hua, where are you?” She cried running, looking. “I am here my beautiful daughter, I am here.” The old woman cried. Now exhausted she fell to her knees weeping. Then realizing it was just a dream, she looked up to the heavens and prayed to the spirits for acting foolish. To her amazement, Mei noticed a shooting star flying westward leaving a slight glimmering trail that slowly dissipated in the sky above her. In old China, this is known as “A Trail of Angels.” Somehow Lian –Hua’s mother knew that her daughter had returned to her that night but was now in the spirit world. Revealing this dream to Cho the next day, Cho picked up a flute and played this very song to the memory of Lian –Hua, a lotus that forever blossoms THIS STORY IS FROM D'Guy AND IS TRUE!!!!!( I am deadly serious!!)
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Saral Kothari
Love from India
寂寞深闺,柔肠一寸愁千缕。惜春春去,几点催花雨。倚遍阑干,只是无情绪。人何处,连天芳草,望断归来路。 ——《点绛唇·闺思》
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Narresh Ramdayal
I was watching the video "how to make Peking roast duck" and this was the music that was playing in the background, this is how I ended up here ;)
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Hōrō Sha
Deep and ancient civilization..
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