John Papola (co-creator of the Keynes vs Hayek raps) answers Reddit questions [mirror]





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Uploaded on Feb 2, 2012

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1. "Is Paul Krugman misinformed or flat out dishonest?"

2. "What is your take on the anarchist strain that has gained so much influence among current Austrians?"

3. "Who is the best, Hayek, Mises, or Rothbard."

4. "What do you make of the "feud" between the Mises crowd and the GMU / Reason crowd? You seem to cross the boundary and have a good relationship with both groups. I think I heard Rockwell interview you, you're obviously working with Russ and you've been with the Reason folks as well. How do we all get past this and acknowledge that we're working towards a common goal?"

5. "What do you think of the Tea party?"

6. "I don't see copyright statements (nor creative commons statements) on the videos or on the econstories website. What's your position on intellectual property?
If you're an IP abolitionist, do you feel this issue needs more attention given the latest attacks on freedom on the internet by governments? Especially considering that the internet is the main way we spread our message?"

7. "If Keynes ever stays down (we wish) would he consider making a Hayek/Freidman Video? I would love to see the master correcting the wayward student."

8. "What is your ideal role for government in society, i.e. regulatory, only military and defense with police, roads, schools etc? Where should the government be and where shouldn't it be?"

9. "Have you read the collection of Hayek's essays Prices and Production and Other Works by Salerno? It's available for free on mises.org. The comparison Hayek makes between barter/ fixed money supply currency economies and fractional reserve economies is probably one of the most mind-blowing things I have ever read in economics yet very few people have read this stuff. Perhaps because it's very tough going but also I am afraid that it lays too bare the relationship between fractional reserve banking and the business cycle and is thus politically radioactive.
The most startling insight I took away from the whole thing was that in an economy where investment is increasing consumer prices should fall. The money multiplier effect in the fractional reseve economy makes them rise which causes entrepreneurs to overinvest and sets the stage for the bust once bank money creation slows.."

10. "Do you agree with Harry Browne's Libertarian Resolutions? http://www.fee.org/news/harry-brownes... ."

11. "Why do you think that so many young people are just now discovering the ideals of Ron Paul and the Austrian school? Is it because of internet transparency or something else? And how can a highschooler such as myself spread the Austrian message to my peers?"

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