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Published on Jun 23, 2012

Club Dali, L4D2 Favela Survival, Cold Storage, Dead Retreat, and Night of the Living Dead SBS
Can be downloaded at their respected links below

Club Dali = http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...
L4D2 Favela Survival = http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...
Cold Storage = http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...
Dead Retreat = http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...
Night of the Living Dead SBS = http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...

(annotations will be added to the beginning to skip to specific map when I get the chance)

Club Dali

+ Interesting Idea
+ Many Paintings

- The Geometry in some areas aren't made very well and can be the cause of your death rather quickly
- Without the paintings... environment is bland

Final Verdict

An interesting idea needless to say... but it could have been executed much better... especially considering who the author focused on... could have do so much more with the club...
Supplies are well placed, but the spots chosen as main hold out points are that great... nor are they very well made... I do this will all survival maps, first I play it a few times, then I record it... every single time I died, it wasn't my or the bot's fault as much as it was a piece of the level that was ultimately my demise...


L4D2 Favela Survival

+ Outstanding detail
+ Accurate as far as I know
+ Well stocked

- Most of the supplies lie in the middle of the death pit...
- The smoker can grab you through the burning helicopter (happened a few times on other attempts... which is why I avoided that area this time)

Final Verdict

It might be based on COD/MW... whichever one it is... but that doesn't mean this map is bad... The detail put into this map still amazes me... I would have appreciated more supplies in the cover, but I can't complain too much... the map is small enough that the middle was more than likely the best decision...
Overall a fun and solid map... just watch out for the burning helicopter... it is very good cover for smokers... very good...


Cold Storage

+ Well made
+ Well Balanced
+ Plenty of areas to hold and run
+ Slow-mo when you WANT it

- The environment is very meh

Final Verdict

I have watched this one since it first came up... and it has definitely improved from then... the map is well balanced on all accounts... for the survivors, infected, and supplies... the slow-mo feature activating on choice is a VERY good decision... an excellent standard map... which is also my only true con... there isn't much that makes this stand out from other maps...


Dead Retreat

+ Intro
+ Snow and Ice
+ Custom models

- Rather confused geometry on the building
- Can see exactly where the helicopter will land before it even blows up (no points taken for this con... displacement is an unforgiving mistress after all)

Final Verdict

It is a fun map... the intro was a nice change from the usual... and the custom models I saw were epic... but there are short coming to the map... how the building is set up can be confusing and unforgiving... and the ice surrounding the building ended a couple of my runs faster than I would have liked...
It is a nice change of pace...


Night of the Living Dead SBS

+ Barricades
+ House is well made

- Outside the house is flat and boring
- The claustrophobic design of the house makes outside almost a better option once the barricades are down

Final Verdict

There isn't many barricade survival map... and this is one of the best as far as I know... if there are any other ones :\
The Barricade system is cool... but it seems very ineffective... especially when you have the load bars and having to get the wood from a different area... The small house will get flooded quickly... making the outside a much viable option... which is a rather uninteresting flat land...

But it is still a great map despite its flaws


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