Everytime You Lie || Episode 41 || Season 3





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Published on Feb 12, 2010

Everytime You Lie || Episode 41 || Season 3

(So before I start Season 3;; I wanna let you all know, I have a Valentine's presant for you guys. Im start a new series, but taking my time, so I can make it unique and out there. So NOBODY can tell me is copying, its gonna be simple, but different.... waaaay different. Its called "I Won't Leave You: My Guilty Pleasure" also titled as IWLY: My Guilty Pleasure, so look forward to that.)

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I kncked on the glass door lightly, awaiting someone to respond. I looked around, everyone was quiet and edgy, Henry, he had his head down in his desk, doing his work.

"Come in" I hear a soft voice call from the office.

I sighed, and made my way in, trying not to attract too much attention.

"Mr.Jonas" I said, quietly, as he faced the window, looking out, "I have some papers that need to e signed."

Then he turned to look at me, "Thank, Demi." he said softly.

I looked around the room, the desk, the desk I sat on when Joe first kissed me, ever.

The wall, the wall that was once teal, that he had my body pressed against it, but the soft, orange paint, made that memory fade. And the window, the wall sized window we looked out together, where we planned our very first date. Everything, all the memories, good and bad, they were all gone now.

"Demi?" Nick said to me, shaking me lightly.

I looked up, "Sorry, sir. Its just... I was just--- uhm, nevermind."

Nick was Joe's brother, for the past 3 years, he has been living in spain, managing the company from over there, but since everything happend to Joe, he took over.

And that was all 3 months ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. The last day I told Joe I loved him, the day I lost my job, ruining my medical career forever. The day, I lost my baby.

I remember looking at Joe's helpless face, pleaded for help, for survival. I couldn't take it, I couldn't stand by, I had to do something.

Joe, he needed a liver transplat, due to the accident, and I would have done everything in my power to get it for him, even if it meant stealing someone else's liver.

So thats what I did, I snuck into the morge, and literally cut open a corps, and took their liver from their helpless, cold, empty body, and I gave it to Joe.

No, not like passing it right to him, I then went to Joe's room and locked the door, making sure it was just me and him, and then, I did it. The worst thing you could do, being a doctor and all.

I did a solo, intern surgry on him, without anyone's help, or anyone knowing. And everything went good--- until Swift caught me.

I won't lie, I was terrified, not for my job, for Joe, I was scared of having to live without him, and now look where I am.... without him.

But luckily, from my past career here, the Jonas company accepted me back in, knowing I was friend, thinking I was only friends, with Joe.

My thoughts were clearly inturrupted by Nick clearing his throat, "Demi, would you sit for a second, please?"

I nodded, sitting on the couch, taking a deep breath.

"I know its hard" he said, "Being here without Joe. He talked about you all the time, when we called each other, when I was in spain."

I looked up, "Really?"

He nodded, "He said you were really close, and you had a tight bond."

Tight bond? I thought, if only everyone knew what he meant by tight.

My mind was currently going crazy, I've been recently getting nightmares about that day, its like it wont leave me.

"De..Demi?" Joe asked softly and I walked in the room.

His words were emotionless, and breathless, I closed the door quietly behind me, attracting no attention.

I locked the door and walked over to him, "I'll do anything for you, Joe."

"What are...you talking, about?" he asked, breathlessly, "Dems, you...scaring m--"

I gulped, picking up a scaffle, "Joe, do you trust me?"

He nodded slowly, and unsurely, "I trust you, with my life."

"Good." I said confidantly, "Because in the matter of 2 minutes, your life will be in my hands"

He looked at me confused.

I held his hand, "I promise you, Joe. I'll make it better."

I closed my eyes, trying to forget the memory. But all of it flooded over and over in my head, the blood, my baby, the screams.

"Makeit stop!" I begged, screaming out loud.

Nick looked at me, "Demi, are you okay."

I stood up, tears in my eyes, "I need some air."

And with that, I ran out, running into the treet. Forgetting it all.

Forgetting, my mistakes, forgetting, Joe.

1. Confused? (if so, thats to whole idea. lol)
2. What do you think of the beginning of season 3?
3. What do you think happened to Joe?

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