Psalms 104 sung in ancient Hebrew | ברכי נפשי את ה' - תהלים ק"ד





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Published on Oct 11, 2012

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lyrics: Psalms 104 (Creation of the universe Psalm)
composition: traditional Jewish babylonian
arrangement: Yonnie (Jonathan) Dror

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, Psalms 104 performed by Yamma ensemble

Talya G.A Solan - lead vocals
Sefi Asfuri - strings instruments (oud)
Yonnie Dror - wind instruments (ney, clarinet)
Aviad Ben Yehuda - percussion (darbuka)
Avri Borochov - double bass
Evgeny Krolik - sound technician

טליה ג. סולאן - שירה
ספי עספורי - כלי מיתר
יוני דרור - כלי נשיפה
אביעד בן יהודה - כלי הקשה
אברי בורוכוב -- קונטרבס ועיבוד
יבגני קרוליק - סאונד

בָּרְכִי נַפְשִׁי אֶת ה'. ה' אֱלהַי גָּדַלְתָּ מְּאד. הוד וְהָדָר לָבַשְׁתָּ:
עטֶה אור כַּשַּׂלְמָה. נוטֶה שָׁמַיִם כַּיְרִיעָה:
הַמְקָרֶה בַמַּיִם עֲלִיּותָיו. הַשָּׂם עָבִים רְכוּבו. הַמְהַלֵּךְ עַל כַּנְפֵי רוּחַ:
עשֶׂה מַלְאָכָיו רוּחות. מְשָׁרְתָיו אֵשׁ להֵט:
יָסַד אֶרֶץ עַל מְכונֶיהָ. בַּל תִּמּוט עולָם וָעֶד:

The 104th Psalm has long been known as the "Creation Psalm." This psalm presents a poem about the creation of the world.
One of the longer psalms, it is traditionally divided into 35 verses.

barchi nafshi et Adonay
praise the lord oh my soul

Adonay Elohay gadalta meod
O lord, thou art very great

hod ve'hadar lavashta
thou art clothed with honor and majesty

oteh or kasalma
who covereth thyself with light, as with a garment;

oteh shamaim kayria
who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain

hamkare ba'maim aliyotav
who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters

hasam avim rechuvo
who maketh the clouds his chariot

hamehalech al kanfey ruach
who walketh upon the wings of the wind

oseh malachav ruchot
who maketh winds his messengers

mesharetav esh lohet
flames of fire his minister

yasad eretz al mechoneha
who laid the foundations of the earth

bal timot olam va'ed
that it should not be moved forever.

גלגולו של פיוט יהודי עיראקי- תהלים ק״ד- ברכי נפשי את ה׳

Psalm 104 is the most viewed traditional Jewish chant (played live) on YouTube. it is the chant that describes the creation of universe. it is performed by Yamma Ensemble from Israel.

this rare Psalm was first recorded in 2011 for Yamma's first album.
The live video was recorded a year after in 2012.

Yonnie Dror, wind instrument player and member of the Yamma Ensemble, found this magical chant in an old book of Jewish chants.

The Jerusalem Babylonian version, in which frequent changes occur in time signature, caught his ear and he found himself exploring and learning deeply this unique musical old psalm.

He challenged himself and wrote a full arrangement for the five-member ensemble.

The ensemble has recorded the psalm and set it free from the old book to the global online net.

The hymn became a YouTube hit, just before falling into oblivion.

The beautiful psalm received high attention and a warm embrace.
millions of views and thousands of exciting comments from countless music lovers from all religions and cultures.

We love you all.
Thank you.



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