(NA) Vindictus - Scythe Evie Flawless Solo - White Tyrant aka Giant Polar Bear [HD]





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Published on Sep 27, 2011

Dethrone the White Tyrant - Season of Macha (Hard Mode)
Gellie - Lvl. 25 Scythe Evie (East Server)
Boss Solo Clear Time: 3 Minutes and 41 Seconds

Poor Giant Polar Bear.
He looked cute and cuddly too. :(

Before moving on to the guide, there's 1 thing one must remember; Distance is key! The Giant Polar Bear is programmed to not be able to go directly at the player by running, but by attacking instead! So, assuming you know how to distance yourself from the Giant Polar Bear:

How to solo (Normal/Hard) Giant Polar Bear as a Scythe Evie:

Left Paw Swipe (Seen at 1:15): The Giant Polar Bear stomps and swipes the player with his left paw. This is simply his easiest opening. The moment you see him stomping, immediately do a LLLR(Soul Skewer).

Right Paw Swipe (Seen at 1:47): The Giant Polar Bear corks his right arm back and does a quick swipe. Quickly blink to your left side the moment you see the bear positioning his right arm and then do LLR(Hell Quake).

Swipe Combo (Seen at 2:11): The Giant Polar Bear stands up and does 2 swipes consecutively. Just blink to your left side to avoid being hit, but I'm pretty sure there's a position where you can start attacking and hit him with a smash the moment his combo finishes. (I found the trick to this one! Unfortunately, it was done in my Red Tyrant video. Check it out!)

Wild Swipe Combo (Seen at 3:03): The Giant Polar Bear stomps then does 3 swipes all over the area. A little different than the Swipe Combo. The Giant Polar Bear is most likely to do this after he finishes roaring during read health.

When you get the Giant Polar Bear's health down to 2 bars, he starts roaring then he follows it up with a Swipe Combo. Do a LLLLR(Invisible Loom) the moment he starts roaring and then Blink in front of him and you'll be in the safe zone from the Swipe Combo, his ass. Follow him and get ready to do another LLLLR as he will most likely roar again and do a Swipe Combo. (Seen from 2:58)

Remember to always distance yourself after you perform an attack. If however you run out of Stamina or about to, just start running(not sprint!) to your left side until you recover.

The break off is his right and only eye. Hit it 5 times with a spear and his eye is yours. It's best done when he's down to 2 health bars, and starts roaring. Get in position, and as soon as he finishes roaring and goes down on 4, spear his eye. There are guides/videos in Youtube on how to do this.

Need any help soloing a particular boss? Comment below and I'll gladly help through videos if I can. :D


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