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M60 - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide





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Uploaded on Mar 19, 2011

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In this episode, we're covering the third LMG - the M60.

It's a fully automatic weapon, unlocked at level 21.

Originating from the United States, the M60 has served with every branch of the US military since its introduction in 1957.

The M60's roots can be traced in part to the German machine guns of World War 2, such as the MG42 and FG42, and the earlier American Browning Automatic Rifle and M1919A6 Machine Gun.

The M60 saw its first major usage in the Vietnam War after its adoption, where it was employed as both a squad automatic weapon and as a medium machine gun, mounted on Patrol Boats, APCs and Helicopters.

Informally known as 'the pig', presumably for its hefty weight and insatiable appetite for lead - the M60 remains in use today, although has been supplanted somewhat by the M240.

As a general purpose machine gun, the M60 fires the full-size 7.62 by 51 millimetre NATO cartridge, from a distintegrating belt of linked ammunition.

Belt length is 100 rounds in-game, or a whopping 200 when paired with the Extended Mags attachment.

The M60 deals the most damage per shot of all the light machine guns, although it suffers from a damage drop off to a long-range damage level on par with the others in its class.

At close range you'll kill in just two shots anywhere to the body - making this a deadly weapon of defence.

You pay for this high damage with a lethargic rate of fire - the slowest of any automatic weapon in the game, tied only with the Full-Auto CZ75.

535 rounds per minute does at least do much to conserve your ammunition under continuous fire, allowing sustained defense without the need to burst fire.

Despite the low fire rate, recoil is still substantial - you'll see substantial horizontal and upward spread when employed full-auto.

This can be mitigated by firing in bursts, but the HK21 would probably be the superior choice for long-range engagements.

As usual for an LMG, the time it takes to aim down the sights is slow, at 350 milliseconds.

Reload is almost comically slow, at almost 10 seconds - thankfully you don't need to do it often, but it's wise to find a safe spot to perform the procedure when needed.

The M60 is best used from cover against groups of enemies on the move, so anticipating spawn points and the enemy's likely movement from there is a skill essential for positioning yourself correctly.

Use of spy planes and blackbirds will give you an insight of there the enemy is spawing - take note of where new dots on the radar appear, then position yourself along your enemy's likely path.

When spawning, enemies will likely head directly towards the objective - in the case of team deathmatch this will be the location they suspect your team is in, and their route will tend to be via the centre of the map.

With a little map knowledge and anticipation of the spawns, you'll be able to work out the most likely route - and assuming you can get to a decent firing position in time, you'll be able to lie in wait.

The M60 is the weapon that best fulfills the traditional LMG role, with its capacity far, far ahead of any of its peers.

Its high close-range damage means that you aren't necessarily at a disadvantage when nearer your enemy either, as just two bullets to kill will cut them down mercilessly.

Unfortunately, the sluggish rate of fire means your shots need to be on target to be effective - and given the heavy recoil it can be difficult to ensure your shots connect.

The slow aim time and movement speed also limit the M60's utility - requiring a degree of forethought and planning to use effectively, unlike the more reactive SMGs or assault rifles.

Still, the M60 has unparalleled capacity and damage, and there's no weapon quite as devastating in a defensive role. When positioned correctly, the pig - might just save your bacon.


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