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The Railroad Smorgasbord! Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, and more!





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Published on Apr 15, 2012

EMD's and ALCO's, scenic and well-known locations, to urban-context and street running: this is the second installment of the railroad smorgasbord, continuing the visit to Class I and short line railroads through the Northeast, including Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Nittany and Bald Eagle, Western New York and Pennsylvania, and the Vermont Rail System. These shots are taken from the archives from the summer of 2009 to this winter 2012.

June 10, 2009
The Nittany and Bald Eagle Bellefonte, PA to Tyrone, PA (BT-10) has almost reached the interchange with the Norfolk Southern's Pittsburgh Line at the south end of town. Here, BT-10, which is quite lengthy for this short-line operation, heads south on Washington Avenue with a relic pair of GP locomotives, GP8 1601 and GP10 1804, both in full NBER livery.

June 11, 2009
PPLX coal train 536 has reached the summit of the Allegheny Mountains and backs off as it prepares to head down the 2.46% "slide" after being pulled and push by separate pairs of SD40-2 helpers and the main power, two SD60I's, which were both still in Conrail Quality livery at the time. In the summer of 2009, it was rare to see two SD40-2 helper sets on one train, because the SD40E's were causing them to be phased out of helper service.

Front Helpers:
NS SD40-2 3343
NS SD40-2 3364

NS SD60I 6728 "Conrail Quality"
NS SD60I 6722 "Conrail Quality"

Rear Helpers:
NS SD40-2 3348
NS SD40-2 3354

July 29, 2010
Western New York and Pennsylvania train OL-2, the Hornell Job, has just departed Olean Yard on its way east to Hornell, NY. The train, powered by two rare Alco Century 430 locomotives, WNYP 430 and 431, is about to cross over the diamond with the Norfolk Southern Buffalo Line.

May 8, 2011
On this day, the Vermont Rail System's Green Mountain Job was a big one, with loaded hoppers and 40 ethanol cars powered by an online 6 locomotives, representing much of the active roster:

VTR GP40-3 312
CLP GP38 203
VTR GP40-2LW 310
GMTX GP38-2 2663
GMRC GP40 304
CLP GP38 204

The train is nearing Chester, VT, which is along the final stretch for its destination of the interchange with NECR at Bellows Falls, VT. The train is limited to 10 MPH and is protected by track cars, both in front and behind the train, including a third that follows by road.

Q359 grinds up the slope around the scenic horseshoe curve at Mance, heading westbound toward Sand Patch with a pair of EMD's pulling hard. There was some snow on the ground this winter, but not much.

CSX SD70MAC 4527
CSX SD40-2 8096

Canadian Pacific 450 heads southbound on the Colonie Main near Albany, NY on its way to Kenwood Yard. The train has a nice mix of EMD power:

SOO SD60 6055
DME SD40-2 6364
CP SD40-2 6069


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    Trains of the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line Fall 2009

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    Reading and Northern Air Products High and Wide with an RS5T Horn!

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    Norfolk Southern Windmill Train on former Reading Belt Line

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    A Day with the PRR Heritage and NS F-Units

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    Trains on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line March 2012

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    Ringling Brother Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Bound for Hershey, PA

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    Trains Along the CSX Mohawk Subdivision on National Train Day 2012

  21. The Railroad Smorgasbord! Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, and more!

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    Trains Sound Better on Freshly Ground Rail

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    Trains of Vermont: New England Central, Vermont Rail System, and Amtrak

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    Chasing Buffalo and Pittsburgh Train SIRI

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    Buffalo and Pittsburgh Trains RISI and PSDB1

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    Norfolk Southern Mainline Action on the Harrisburg Line Late Fall 2011

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    Big Rocks = Big Throttle! New England Central Rock Trains

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    The Race is On! Two Hot Shot Intermodals Battle it out with Horn and Speed!

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    Extreme Railroading on all Fronts: The Railroad "Smorgasbord"

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    New England Central Hurricane Irene Repairs Along Highly Damaged Section

  32. 112

    E8's on the Amtrak Keystone Corridor and Trains in Lancaster County

  33. 113

    Crazy Whiplash on Norfolk Southern SD70 2576 on Auto Train 11J!

  34. 114

    Norfolk Southern Mainline Amalgam on the Harrisburg Line

  35. 115

    The Vermont Rail System: Chasing the GMRC 264 Through the Green Mountain Gateway

  36. 116

    Bennett Levin's E8's, Last Conrail SD60I's, New SD60E, and More in and Around Harrisburg!

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    Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern Trains on the NS Harrisburg Line: Summer 2011

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    Chasing Reading and Northern Coal Train with Nice Horn!

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    Classic Standard Cab EMD Action on the Former Northeast D&H Mainlines

  40. 120

    Extreme Winter Action on the New England Central Railroad

  41. 121

    Winter Trains and the Historic Movement of C&O 614!

  42. 122

    Norfolk Southern Winter Action! Snow, Conrail, Leasers, and Many Railroads

  43. 123

    NECR Freight, Local and Amtrak Action in and around Northfield, VT

  44. 124

    Railroad Action on the Norfolk Southern H-Line with Lease Locomotives

  45. 125

    A Busy CSX Metropolitan Subdivision

  46. 126

    MARC Commuter Trains on the Brunswick Line

  47. 127

    CN 15th Anniversary Surprise! CN 323 and NECR Yard Action at St. Albans, VT

  48. 128

    Chasing NECR 323 Through the Green Mountains and Fall Foliage of Vermont

  49. 129

    Chasin' and Pacin' NECR 600 (FEC Power) and NECR 611

  50. 130

    Amtrak Vermonter Compilation: Summer to Fall Transition

  51. 131

    CSX Detours on the NS Harrisburg Line

  52. 132

    Local and Coal Trains on the WNY&P and NS Meadville Line

  53. 133

    Classic EMD and Great Horns on the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad

  54. 134

    Canadian Pacific Action in Northeast Pennsylvania with SOO and D&H

  55. 135

    Strasburg, Amtrak and Norfolk Southern on the Keystone Corridor

  56. 136

    Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train at Hershey

  57. 137

    Struggling Notch-8 and Rare Locomotive Chases

  58. 138

    Norfolk Southern F-Unit OCS on the NS Buffalo Line

  59. 139

    "CP, Westerns, Conrail, Veterans, EMD and More!" Spring Time Action on the NS Harrisburg Line

  60. 140

    Air Problems on Norfolk Southern Train 65J

  61. 141

    Spring Brings the Circus Train and Rare Locomotives to the NS Harrisburg Line

  62. 142

    80-90 MPH Trains on the Amtrak Harrisburg Line

  63. 143

    Conrail, CP, SOO, KCS, SP, UP, BNSF: All on the NS Harrisburg Line

  64. 144

    Snow+EMD+Pushers; Interesting Valentine's Day on NS Harrisburg Line

  65. 145

    Chasing the Reading and Northern Through the Snow

  66. 146

    Norfok Southern Harrisburg Line: Fabulous Snow Sightings on a Sunny Day

  67. 147

    Snow Drifts and Blizzard on the NS Harrisburg Line

  68. 148

    A Military Train, SD40-2's, SD70ACe's, and Conrail

  69. 149

    Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line: Great Catches in Snow Filled Scenery

  70. 150

    Snow, Conrail, and New Years on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

  71. 151

    Canadian, Mexican, and EMD Motive Power on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

  72. 152

    Trains After Christmas on the NS Harrisburg Line

  73. 153

    Snow Scenery on the NS Harrisburg Line

  74. 154

    Heavy Snow Storm on the NS Harrisburg Line

  75. 155

    My ALCO RS11 Entry for Spazman13579's Contest

  76. 156

    Full Throttle SD45-2's and Snow Storm on the NS Harrisburg Line

  77. 157

    Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line (New Tripod Test)

  78. 158

    A Tribute to Conrail

  79. 159

    CSX "Sand Patch" Keystone Subdivision DVD Sample

  80. 160


  81. 161

    Reading and Northern Switchers and Diesels

  82. 162

    A Busy Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line Part 2

  83. 163

    A Busy Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line

  84. 164

    Pennsylvania E8's and Keystone Service 670 and 665

  85. 165

    White River Flyer and NECR at White River Junction.

  86. 166

    Amtrak Trains of the North East

  87. 167

    EMD, Conrail, CP Rail, Freshly Ground Rail: The Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

  88. 168

    HiDef: Chases and Meets on the NS Harrisburg Line

  89. 169

    A Day With the LORAM Railgrinder on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

  90. 170

    HiDef: The Sounds of EMD and Freshly Ground Rail

  91. 171

    HiDef: EMD and Conrail Blue Action in May 2009

  92. 172

    RCT&HS Bee Line Festival on National Train Day

  93. 173

    HiDef: Union Pacific SL-1 Slug on 38G (Chase)

  94. 174

    HiDef: NS Harrisburg Line Trains in Early May 2009

  95. 175

    HiDef: Chasing an Epic 19G on the NS Harrisburg Line

  96. 176

    HiDef: Trains and Trouble on the NS Harrisburg Line

  97. 177

    HiDef: First Trains of Spring on the NS Harrisburg Line

  98. 178

    James E. Strates Carnival Train

  99. 179

    HiDef: Mother Nature and the NS Harrisburg Line

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