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    Why It's Time to Stop Pretending Zombies Are Scary | Today's Topic

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    If Condom Commercials Were Honest

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    Deleted Moments from the Greatest '80s Movie Montage

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    The Hardest Product to Sell After 'Back to School' Sales End

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    When Nerd Worlds Collide: Fantasy Football vs. LARP

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    The Furthest Behind Anyone Has Ever Been on 'Breaking Bad'

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    Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President

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    The Scientific Explanation for People Who Believe in Ghosts

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    The Worst Fantasy Football Team Ever Drafted

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    Why Pixar Movies Are All Secretly About the Apocalypse | After Hours

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    The Brief and Wondrous Life of a Hangman Stick Figure

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    Why 'The Wizard of Oz' is More Hardcore Than 'The Wire'

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    The Invention of Homelessness | Stuff that Must Have Happened

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    How Classic Disney Movies Made an Entire Generation Suck

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    If Cereal Mascots Got Serious About Stealing Cereal

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    The Horrifying Truth About Life in 'The Jetsons' Universe

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    The Invention of Last Names | Stuff That Must Have Happened

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    The Most Hilariously Failed Attempt to Spice up Politics

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    Officially the Worst Movie Idea Anyone's Ever Had | Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

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    If Nature Documentaries Didn't Let Science Get In the Way | Marvels of The Science | Episode 1

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    The First Marriage | Stuff That Must Have Happened

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    The Awful Truth about Movies 'Based on a True Story' | Today's Topic

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    F#@K Batman: Why Gotham Would Hate the Caped Crusader

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    The Horrible Truth About Batman's 'Secret' Identity

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    Why You Never Want a Gotham City Criminal On Your Crew

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    The Awful Secret Implied by The Dark Knight Trilogy | Today's Topic

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    The Awful Spider-Man Movie James Cameron Almost Made

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    Four Creepy Hidden Truths Behind Popular Scary Stories | After Hours

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    F#@k C3PO, Wall-E and Bender: Anti-Robot Gangsta Rap

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    Worst Fight Club Ever

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    Everyone's Favorite 'Star Wars' Character (Sucks at His Job)

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    Terminator 2: Great Movie, Terrible Sequel | Today's Topic

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    4 Tiny Creatures That Prove Camping Isn't Worth It | Today's Topic

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    How to Survive Life as a Character in a Bad Work of Fiction

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    The Biggest Problem With High School (According to Movies)

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    How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard Came Up With Their Big Ideas | Stuff That Must Have Happened

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    Game of Thrones: The Board Game

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    3 Popular Children's Characters Who Secretly Hate Animals | After Hours

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    The 3 Worst Pieces of Advice on the Internet | Does Not Compute

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    How to Get Away With Watching Porn at Work (Using History)

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    The 6 Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Characters | After Hours

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    Wonder Woman's Sex Tape: A Lost Episode of Super Friends

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    Johnny Depp is Tim Burton in Tim Burton's Tim Burton

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    Cracked Webby Acceptance Speech

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    Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying | After Hours

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    Why The Ending of Star Wars is Secretly Kind of Dumb | Today's Topic

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    Leonardo Da Vinci: History's Most Unexpected Supervillain | Today's Topic

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    The 6 Least Necessary Sequels to Viral Videos | Does Not Compute

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    The Most Thought Ever Put Into a Terrible Nickname

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    Why The Scariest Sci-Fi Robot Uprising Has Already Begun | After Hours

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    Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache | After Hours

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    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying

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    If You Could Have Dinner (And Sex) With Any Famous Figure | After Hours

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    Cody's Drunken Rant (From Dan O'Brien Video)

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    4 Things You Love to Discuss (That No One Cares About)

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    If Online Gamers Were Honest

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    Why Hipster Bands Shouldn't Be Allowed to Use YouTube | Does Not Compute

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    Introducing Facebook Timeline: The End of Free Will

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    Worst Breakup Excuse Ever

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    The Existential Terror of the Easiest Job in the World

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    How to Ruin The Best Part of Working From Home

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    18 Terrifying Videos of the Most Well Armed Kid on YouTube | Does Not Compute

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    Why You Never Trust People With 'Idea' in Their Job Title

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    11 Sex Toys Seemingly Designed to Ruin Sex | Does Not Compute

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    How Not to Get Away With Sexual Harassment

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    The Creepiest Thing for Your Boss to Care About

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    The Horrifying Downside to Being a Superhero's Brother

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    The 10 Most Common Awkward Moments on Elevators

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    New Year's Eve: Least Productive Work Day Ever

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    The 'Secret Santa' That Ruined Christmas

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    When Euphemisms Just Make Things Worse

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    A Conspiracy Theory Too Weird Even for the Internet

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    How Not to Multi-Task on Skype

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    a cover of as long as were partyin, one of my fav black eyed peas songs and one of my fav songs

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    Sometimes The Best Team for the Job Is The Worst Idea Ever

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    Logo Design: Only as Important as Your Company Is Pointless

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    The Startup: A Less Productive Alternative to Unemployment

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    The Greatest Overreaction on YouTube Since Double Rainbow | Does Not Compute

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    A Surprisingly Plausible Republican Candidate

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    Last Guy to Wear a Hitler Mustache in America | Stuff That Must Have Happened

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    When A Romantic Comedy Trailer Gets Serious

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    The Coolest Liability Waiting To Happen

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    Slutty Halloween Costumes: A Carefully Worded Tribute

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    4 Terrifying Psychology Lessons Behind Famous Movie Monsters | After Hours

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    5 People Who Are Way Too Good At Crappy Jobs | Does Not Compute

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    Cooking With Babel Fish: Pig Boiling Radish and Egg Entering

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    Hank Williams Jr.'s Second Chance

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    4 TV Ads That Depict Terrifying Alternate Universes | After Hours

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    The Most Overly Dramatic Break Up Ever

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    The 7 Dumbest Things About the World's Smartest Toilet | Does Not Compute

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    If Women's Medication Ads Gained Self-Awareness

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    The 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes | Does Not Compute

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    Every Teaser Trailer Ever

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    Swaim Rap

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    Why Superheroes Make Terrible Bosses

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    The 5 Most Baffling Moments from Old School Kids Game Shows | Does Not Compute

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    Pitching Mt. Rushmore | Stuff That Must Have Happened

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    Proof That Women Are Just As Good At Sports (In Movies)

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    The Many Names in AoC