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    Smiley Chris - "You Can't Back Down" ft. Anna (Produced By Sho-Down)

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    McCain Laughs At Syrian Women Who's Nephew Was Slaughtered By Rebels in Syria (TOWNHALL FOOTAGE)

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    CIA aiding "Al-CIA-DUH" since the 80's Not just today in Syria! TERRORSTORM - Alex Jones

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    Smiley Chris

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    Smiley Chris - Dear Maria / I Hope You Dance

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    Sandy Hook Dad Attacks Obama's Gun Control Plan / Nun With Gun Prevents Massacre - Andrea Pisani

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    Smiley Chris LIVE at The Underground Lounge ft. Brian J, Rebecca, and Jon

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    Obama Cries for the 100's of Children Killed by His Drone Strikes while visiting Sandy Hook

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    Smiley Chris - Camp Obama (Election 2012 Rap) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO with EXTENDED INTRO)

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    Smiley Chris - Camp Obama (The FEMA Camp Rap) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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    "Liberty or Death" - Andrea "Drea" Pisani REVOLUTION RAPS 2012

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    Andrea "Drea" Pisani "We Need A Doctor" REVOLUTION RAPS 2012

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    Is Ron Paul a 9/11 Truther?

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    Smiley Chris - Paul Bot Party "Ron Paul:The Musical" Trailer

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    "The Nun With a Gun" by Smiley Chris performed by Drea @ Liberty Love Fest 2

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    Liberty Love Fest 2... THEY CAN'T STOP OUR REVOLUTION! - Smiley Chris & Drea LIVE SHOW

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    Smiley Chris - The Nun with a Gun: How to Stop a Mass-acre ft. Regina Spektor (On the Radio Remix)

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    Smiley Chris - "Liberty Love Fest 2 has an AMAZING line up of Revolutionary Musicians!"

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    Smiley Chris - The Fighter (Ron Paul Remake) ft. Gym Class MUST SEE HD

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    Smiley Chris & Drea - Prison of the Mind LIVE AT LIBERTY LOVE FEST in MA

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    Smiley Chris - Liberty or Death!? (Ron Paul 2012 Rap) *** NOW ON ITUNES ***

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    Smiley Chris - GOP's Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul or Romney) ft. Drea (Rough Promo)

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    Smiley Chris & Drea LIVE at Liberty Love Fest (Highlights) Rocking Out For Ron Paul!

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    Smiley Chris - Talking Liberty with Tracy Diaz PREMIERING TONIGHT @ LibertyChat.Com

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    Smiley Chris - We Need A Doctor (Ron Paul 2012) ft. Brian J Halton (Live)

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    Smiley Chris - Paul Bot Party (New Ron Paul Rap Anthem with Brian J Halton)

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    Ron Paul 2012 or More Women and Children Massacres and More Terror Attacks (False flag / Real)

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    Ron Paul vs. Obama's Citizen Assassination Policy (Paul Supporters labeled a "THREAT" to NWO Agenda)

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    Eminem "We Need A Doctor" (Ron Paul Remake) by Smiley Chris

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    "Raise Em Up" Andrea "Drea" Pisani LIVE FROM PREMIER STUDIOS IN NYC

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    Tatiana Moroz "Make a YouTube Video" (Music Video Shoot @ Wantagh Ron Paul Sign Wave)

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    Ron Paul sign wave 2012!!! Long Island For Ron Paul! Friends in liberty!

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    "Obama is wack!" "Hannity is shill" Ron Paul Sign Wave in Wantaugh NY.

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    Ron Paul Sign Wave in Wantaugh, NY

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    Police join Long Island Activists for a Ron Paul Sign wave!

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    Long Island for Ron Paul Sign Wave "They Can't Stop Our Revolution!"

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    "Ron Paul For President" Ron Paul Sign Wave on Long Island

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    Long Island Ron Paul Activists Hit the Streets! "Boots on the Ground!!!"

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    Long Island for Ron Paul Sign Wave "Ron Paul for President"

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    RIP to the Legendary Davy Jones (His Epic Performance From the Brady Bunch Movie).wmv

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    Smiley Chris "Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012)" Official Version ft. Andrea Pisani Filmed in Studio

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    Ron Paul vs. HIS BIGGEST ENEMY: Electronic Voting Machines (- 16,000 RON PAUL VOTES!?) SHARE!!!

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    Smiley Chris - Life is Unfair (Election Fraud 2012 Rap)

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    Ron Paul Ad: Finally Taking Out Mitt Romney (NEW)

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    Lupe Fiasco, MLK, and Cornell West RANT about King Obama! "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" by Linkin Park

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    Ron Paul's "Racist Writings" DEBUNKED. Real Author: James B. Powell (Revised Version) MUST SEE HD

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    Ron Paul's "Racist Writings" DEBUNKED. Real Author: James B. Powell exposed by Ben Swann & TMOT

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    "America's Choice: Liberty or Death?! (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)" by Smiley Chris MUST SEE HD!!!!

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    Ron Paul Fights Back Against the Washington Machine (with Chris and Brian Halton)

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    The Good Doctor Ronald Earnest Paul

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    Ron Paul "We should be Israel's best friend"

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    Donald Trump on ABC Debate against Ron Paul... AGAIN

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    Bill O'Reilly: "I Will Donate $1000 to Wounded Warriors if Ron Paul wins THE VIRGIN ISLANDS"

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    Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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    Smiley Chris - We've Got A War to Fight

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    Words From The NEW WORLD ORDER (Part 1)

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    "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura (ON CABLE TV!!! MUST SEE TV!!!)

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    "Truth about the Swine Flu Shot" (Part 2) Things You Should Know But Probably Don't

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    Swine Flu Shot "Things You Should Know, But Probably Don't"

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    Happy 50th Birthday Dad (Kevin Halton)

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    Smiley Chris - All The Above (Remix) ft. New Yorks Finest

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    Smiley Chris - The 2012 Flood