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Published on Sep 11, 2016

Easily Sing the Gita! Karaoke Gita in video format
SLOW DOWN THE PLAYBACK for kids! Speed up for experts!

- Open this playlist in your YouTube App.


- While it plays, click once in the video screen.

- Then click the three dots for menu, or the Gear icon for settings if it is visible.

- Then choose Playback Speed from the menu.

For kids, set it at 0.75 (three quarters) speed,

and for beginners who need to identify each syllable, choose 0.5 (half) speed.

It is really absorbing, easy and fun, even for a beginner.


(For the 3.1 mbps version videos, click here: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/kar...)


Karaoke Gita Video Playlist on Youtube.com:-

8.3 mbps - courtesy of Gita Jayanti International:- http://tiny.cc/karaokegitayoutube1
3.1mbps - courtesy of Gita Jayanti International:- http://tiny.cc/karaokegitayoutube
Download all the above videos from Dropbox.com - http://tiny.cc/karaokegitadownload


Original Karaoke Format Gita + Karaoke Player
Download the entire Gita in Karaoke Format (.kfn) along with a free Karaoke player at:


It has far better video and audio quality plus you can easily change its playback speed - slow it down by 30 per cent or more for kids and beginners - then EVERYONE can have fun and easily sing the Bhagavad Gita!

Happy Gita Singing!! Try singing along for just one chapter - sanskrit verses have an immensely therapeutic effect upon our psyche, especially if done in a devotional mood as an offering to the Supreme Lord.

Here is the list of the Complete Gita Karaoke videos in sequence:

00a Invocations / Mangalacarana 07m29s..........---- THIS VIDEO
00b Gita Dhyaanam 05m05s
01a Gita Chapter 1 pt 1 07m54s
01b Gita Chapter 1 pt 2 05m42s
02a Gita Chapter 2 pt 1 11m26s
02b Gita Chapter 2 pt 2 11m17s
03 Gita Chapter 3 10m50s
04a Gita Chapter 4 pt 1 06m07s
04b Gita Chapter 4 pt 2 06m18s
05 Gita Chapter 5 08m39s
06a Gita Chapter 6 pt 1 06m24s
06b Gita Chapter 6 pt 2 07m27s
07 Gita Chapter 7 08m50s
08 Gita Chapter 8 08m33s
09 Gita Chapter 9 10m16s
10 Gita Chapter 10 10m52s
11a Gita Chapter 11 pt 1 08m52s
11b Gita Chapter 11 pt 2 10m33s
12 Gita Chapter 12 06m23s
13 Gita Chapter 13 10m51s
14 Gita Chapter 14 08m36s
15 Gita Chapter 15 06m54s
16 Gita Chapter 16 06m39s
17 Gita Chapter 17 07m53s
18a Gita Chapter 18 pt 1 09m50s
18b Gita Chapter 18 pt 2 10m28s
19 Gita Mahatmyam 06m11s - The End -

Karaoke Gita in .wmv Video Format (3.1kbps - lower resolution or 8.3kbps - higher resolution )
(Download from Dropbox.com or view online) ALL 18 CHAPTERS:-

Tips for best use of these videos: Play it in Windows Media Player and do these two things: i. Right click the video as it plays, go to Enhancements; then go to Play Speed Settings - For kids and beginners, slow it down as much as 0.5 ii. Right click the video as it plays, go to Enhancements; then go to SRS WOW effects - turn that control on and slide it to the maximum It will greatly enhance the musical accompaniment.



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