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POLICE STATE: Cops Get to Use Surveillance Satellites





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Uploaded on Feb 15, 2010

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  1. POLICE STATE: Cops Get to Use Surveillance Satellites

  2. 2

    POLICE STATE: $135,000 fine for name calling

  3. 3

    POLICE STATE: Teacher Tells Students To Beat Tardy Classmate

  4. 4

    POLICE STATE 2009: Being Trained to Accept Martial Law

  5. 5

    POLICE STATE 2009: States to Microchip Criminals to track them

  6. 6

    POLICE STATE: Army Caught Spying on Anti War Group

  7. 7

    POLICE STATE 2009: Baseball Fan Gets Tasered

  8. 8

    POLICE STATE 2009: Student's suicide results in cars impounded and searched

  9. 9

    POLICE STATE 2009: Jefferson County, Alabama Sheriff Wants National Guard to Patrol the Streets

  10. 10

    POLICE BRUTALITY: Police Shot Man in the Back, Eight Times

  11. 11

    POLICE STATE: Police Chief wants cameras in bars

  12. 12

    Police Chief & Mayor use shooting as an Excuse to call for Ban on Guns

  13. 13

    POLICE STATE: Judge issues citations to parents after interogating kids

  14. 14

    POLICE STATE: Graffiti tagger sentenced to 8 years in prison with no chance of parole

  15. 15

    POLICE STATE 2010: Cops Arrest 12-Year-Old Girl For Doodling On Her School Desk

  16. 16

    6500 convictions against kids thrown out of court

  17. 17

    America - The Orwellian Nation

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Boy Scouts + Homeland Security = New Hitler Youth

  20. 20

    POLICE STATE 2010: 8-year-old boy suspended after a 4 inch toy figure's gun to school

  21. 21

    The National Guard & ARMY has been called in to patrol snow-bound Pittsburgh

  22. 22

    POLICE STATE: Cops vow to put citizens down (Milwaukee News)

  23. 23

    School tries to suspend 9 yr old for lego cop's 2 Inch Toy Gun

  24. 24

    Government takes and keeps your baby's DNA, even without consent

  25. 25

    South African Citizens give up their guns to the government

  26. 26

    Windows 7 Is A NSA Built Spy

  27. 27

    Disney World threatens man over his wheelchair

  28. 28

    POLICE STATE: Parents using GPS devices to track their children

  29. 29

    IBM, Verichip and the Fourth Reich

  30. 30

    City wants to seize private parking lot to make a city parking lot

  31. 31

    Janet Napolitano - Iraq Veterans are terrorists

  32. 32

    Internet 2- The Corporate Fascist Net

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