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Conrail e/b, passing w/b, with helpers in both directions, South Fork, PA. 4/20/1994





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Uploaded on Feb 1, 2012

We are on the ex-Pennsy Pittsburgh mainline just east of South Fork, PA. We are standing on the bridge abutment of the old flyover. PRR used these to get from one side the 4 track mainline to the other without the use of crossovers which would tie up the mainline. Flyovers where used in many places on the PRR. There are none in use today on the Pittsburgh mainline that I know of. We watch a east bound manifest train pass with three units working hard up grade. A west bound train meets the east bound, also with three units and is drifting down grade past the camera. We then spot the helpers working hard shoving the train toward Altoona. They meet the west bound helpers just to the east of me, and they drift down past the camera. The topography of the Pittsburgh main warrants helpers in both directions, as the railroad is like a roller-coaster all the way from Altoona to Pittsburgh. It is one fascinating piece of railroad. Video was taken with a VHS camera on April 20th, 1994. Thanks for watching, Jackmp294.5™...

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  1. 67

    CSX hauls Huge canon from the USS Arizona bombed at Pearl Harbor. 4/12/2012

  2. 68

    2 cars to the couple --- 1 car to the couple -- that will do -- THAT WILL DO!! GEEEZZZ...

  3. 69

    CSX locomotives roar e/b on the B&O at Victoria, PA. mp 251-mp 250, 4/07/2012

  4. 70

    CSX action.Horns,Notch 8, and dynamics on the ex-B&O, Ohiopyle, PA 4/07/2012

  5. 71

    The sounds of cruising ALCO's, jointed rail, and nice horns. 6/07/2009

  6. 72

    Conrail's one of a kind electric locomotive. GM 1975. The only YouTube clip found. 1978

  7. 73

    CNR and VIA railroad action near beautiful Saint Cloud, Ontario. 9/16/1993

  8. 74

    Hot AMC, 390 BBG AMX gets loaded, and off loaded to its new home. 3/03/2012

  9. 75

    B&O, C&O, WM, all Chessie, east bound action on the B&O Keystone sub in 1989...

  10. 76

    Amtrak's #313, Ann Rutledge, rocks into Joliet station, and the semaphores drop as the he departs.

  11. 77

    GP38's drown out the sound of 2 SD50's on a long hopper train up grade. 4/18/1990

  12. 78

    Hard working GP9's on the B&P Petrolia job at Kaylor, Chicora, and N. Butler...

  13. 79

    GE's that sound more like BALDWIN's. B23-S7's on the MGA. Crank up your Volume. 3/13/1990

  14. 80

    Conrail trains in dynamic braking dropping down grade on the Pittsburgh mainline. 1/19/1995

  15. 81

    20 Cylinders ROAR! Conrail SD45-2's, SD50 battle up-hill in the Allegheny's... 10/15/1989

  16. 82

    Conrail ROARS! Power braking at Tunnel Hill. Always plenty action on the ex-PRR. 10/15/1989

  17. 83

    Seaboard SD40 CSX GP38, working hard, then REALLY hard, then smooth sailing. 10/08/1989

  18. 84

    First CSX trains after the Blizzard on 1994. PART II...

  19. 85

    EMD FAN'S! TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS! Chessie working their guts out. 9/07/1990

  20. 86

    4 Santa FE SD40's, Mountainair Station, 3 train meet in New Mexico. 4/22/1997

  21. Conrail e/b, passing w/b, with helpers in both directions, South Fork, PA. 4/20/1994

  22. 88

    Conrail, w/b side x side pacing. Conrail 4x4 SD40's, Conrail GE's e/b. Summerhill, PA. 4/08/1994

  23. 89

    Floating railroad bridges on the Algoma Central Railway. 9/22/1994

  24. 90

    EUCLID TC-12, Powerful Twin engine machine, Cletrac, Caterpillar D6 with a scraper, and more...

  25. 91

    UTAH RWY, SD40's meet at Soldier Summit crest. 2.5% east, 2.4% west. 5/09/1996

  26. 92

    Warbonnets in Santa Fe's ABO Canyon, NM. 4/23/1997

  27. 93

    Farewell to the Western Maryland, WM F's. F7's with Great horns, (Part II) 9/01/1979

  28. 94

    ALCO's! Sweet sounds of accelerating, horns, and dynamic braking, not to mention, SMOKE!

  29. 95

    NYS&W GP18 #1804, gets to run-around his short local freight, at Butler, NJ. 4/19/1995

  30. 96

    GG-1 horns. For those that never heard them. WELL, HERE IT IS, from 1977

  31. 97

    Conrail. "HAT-TRICK" 3 trains pass at Rochester, PA. Brand new GE's. Side x side. 6/16/1990

  32. 98

    Chessie trains in the caboose era coming into Grafton, WV. 10/03/1989

  33. 99

    CNJ GP40P's & GP7's in action. Plus, NJT RDC's, PC E8 E-7 on commuter runs in 1977...

  34. 100

    SP AC44's lead & mid-train & rear helpers battle 3.5% grade in the snow on Tennessee Pass...

  35. 101

    Conrail, NS mainline, night time railroad action at Latrobe & Greensburg, PA. stations. 7/11/2001

  36. 102

    BN 7060 calls for signals on the ex-Frisco, then runs through 8 notches at Neosho, MO. 1996

  37. 103

    GG-1's of Penn Central & Amtrak, Metroliners on the NEC, Elizabeth, NJ. in 1977...

  38. 104

    D&RGW's scenic Tennessee Pass line, and a heavy SP Geneva ore train. 1996...

  39. 105

    Conrail over, three CSX under. Great crew & timing at Wampum, PA. 1995

  40. 106

    Conrail, back to back meets in a snow storm on the ex-PRR Pittsburgh Mainline, PA. Jan, 1995

  41. 107

    Amtrak SDP40F's pulling into the old Seaboard station at Deerfield Beach Florida. 1980

  42. 108

    Sweet sounding Nathan P5 horns on Susquehanna's, NYS&W #258 Sealand trains. April 1995

  43. 109

    Union Pacific west bounds on the Santa Fe at Barstow, CA. 5/06/1996

  44. 110

    CATERPILLAR's HUGE 793F haul truck, and Caterpillar water tank truck at work in Minnesota.

  45. 111

    MGA and Conrail team up on a empty hopper trains climb to Baily Mine. 2/13/1990

  46. 112

    Conrail trains pass on the massive ex-PRR stone arched Rockville Bridge. 12/28/1994

  47. 113

    NYS&W B40's on Sealand #258, and Susquehanna Business train in New Jersey. 1994-95

  48. 114

    SP, Southern Pacific GE #258 leads a sand train on the DRG&W out of Helper Utah. 1996

  49. 115

    Conrail 5559 exits Wayne Tunnel and takes siding to meet Conrail 5540. April 1997

  50. 116

    BN, Burlington Northern SD70mac's, looking sharp on the ex-FW&D, at Greenville & Dalhart. 1996

  51. 117

    Four Utah Railway SD40's slip climbing up DRG&W's Gilluly Loops. 5/09/1996

  52. 118

    NS 9012-8939 with a heavy Pokey Division coal drag, 3 unit helper on rear. 4/30/2000

  53. 119

    The HEAVIEST GP38's ever built! Monongahela 2003 2004 at three locations. 1990

  54. 120

    NS coal trains at each end of the tunnel at Welch, West Virginia. 4/30/2000

  55. 121

    UTAH Railway SD40'S are getting a run for Soldier Summit Grade. 5/09/1996

  56. 122

    Southern Pacific's AC44's on the D&RGW at Pallisades, and Glenwood Canyon, CO. 1996

  57. 123

    AT&SF, Santa FE GE's roar out of Barstow, CA. May 6, 1996

  58. 124

    D&RGW 5386 west bound freight on the Rio Grande Tennessee Pass line, 5/11/1996

  59. 125

    SD38's in notch #8 on the Bessemer. CRANK UP THE VOLUME on this one! June 16, 1990

  60. 126

    B&P SD45 leads a north bound SIBF at Arcade Junction, and N. Wales, NY. July 2011

  61. 127

    39600 of GE AC horse power, lifts a train toward D&RGW's Tennessee Pass at Pando, CO. 1997

  62. 128

    1931 Chain drive MACK AC. Beautifully restored and running! CHECK IT OUT...

  63. 129

    CSX SD45-2 leading 396, & a 12 hour late P030 on the Keystone sub at Hyndman tower. 1990

  64. 130

    Amtrak unit 64, with #3 Southwest Chief, knocks down the semaphore at Bernal, NM. 1997

  65. 131

    EMD's lead, and GE mid-train & rear helpers battle 3.5% grades at Tennessee Pass tunnel, 1997

  66. 132

    Boston & Maine, B&M #1747 on train SPED, and CP #4212 on train CPED in 1980

  67. 133

    EL U34CH's. and "THE ONLY YOUTUBE VIDEO", of U34CH passing a 4-6-2 steamer on the Erie RR. 1975.

  68. 134

    CSX SD40 #8376 slips slightly getting underway on the ex-B&O Keystone sub. 1990

  69. 135

    "SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT" from the third unit. PLEASE READ! To much stuff for title. 1990...

  70. 136

    Conrail C39-8 and C30-7 leading coal trains on the Monongahela RWY in 1990.

  71. 137

    CSX Q358, with BNSF & Piedmont Northern power, and extended vision DODX caboose. 4/23/2011

  72. 138

    EMD or GE. WHAT'S GOT YOUR VOTE! Hard working sounds at Bluestone, 3/28/1990

  73. 139

    Red Barron's lead CNJ freight on the NY&LB at Holmdel, NJ. 1976

  74. 140

    Two CSX SD45-2's on the same train, east bound on the ex-B&O Keystone sub in 1990...

  75. 141

    Chessie trains on the massive Susquehanna River Bridge in 1978, Perryville, MD

  76. 142

    CSX-SDB-WM & Chessie powered trains in dynamic braking at Falls Cut tunnel in 1990...

  77. 143

    2101 Chessie Steam Special first run on the B&O after being the AFT. 5/14/1977

  78. 144

    Seaboard's B36-7 ruled! (For a short time) on the ex-B&O Keystone sub in 1990.

  79. 145

    "HEY! WHERE'S MY PICTURES!" If you promise pictures to a RR crew! You better deliver ASAP!

  80. 146

    Great sounding SBD, and CSX 4 axle GE's on the ex-B&O mainline in 1990

  81. 147

    P&LE GP38's, southbound at bridge and tunnel locations on the Monongahela RWY. 2/08/1990

  82. 148

    NYS&W B40's on CSX Q136-Q135 for a short time in 1990 on the ex-B&O Keystone sub.

  83. 149

    GP38's and GE Super-7R on the Monongahela RWY on a coal train with mixed hoppers. 5/15/1990...

  84. 150

    Conrail's Bicentennial U34CH, 1776 on the ex-Erie mainline. 5/28/1977

  85. 151

    CSX coal train at Fairhope, PA. You will NEVER get this location now!!! 4/19/1990

  86. 152

    Farewell to the WM F's. "THE ONLY VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE OR THE NET" 9/01/1979

  87. 153

    ALCO RS3 sounds great on the WMSR, Western Maryland. 9/12/1992

  88. 154

    DE, Detroit Edison, #008 on the Monongahela RWY, Fredericktown, PA. 2/20/1990

  89. 155

    CSX-NYSW-F units power Q136 at S. Connellsville, PA. 6/01/1990

  90. 156

    Seaboard B36-7's leaving Connellsville with hard working GP38 pushing on the rear. 3/28/1990...

  91. 157

    CSX stealth grey units on the ex-B&O Keystone sub in 1990...

  92. 158

    One pissed off Rattlesnake, in Kingman Canyon...

  93. 159

    C&NW-Gilford-SBD working hard with WEPX train on the MGA in 1991...

  94. 160

    Loading taconite in to the Michipicoten at LS&I docks, Marquette, MICH. 10/10/2005

  95. 161

    Chessie, B&O, Western Maryland, & F units. Those where the days!!! 6/17/1978...

  96. 162

    P&LE GP38's with empty hopper train and caboose bring up the rear. MGA 1990...

  97. 163

    Old GE's running their years out on the N&W Pokey Division in 1992...

  98. 164

    Reading GP40's lead early Conrail freights at Tuxedo & Suffern, NY. in 1977

  99. 165

    Santa Fe and SP trains pass at Pinole, CA. 7/29/1999

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