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    Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey 'Magic Mike' interview

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    Magic Mike Sequel

  3. 389 Thumbnail

    50 Cent: 'I want to work with Frank Ocean'

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    Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki on 'Big Bang Theory' romance

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    Nintendo 3DS XL video review

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    Stars reveal their Olympic events

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    Morgan Freeman 'The Dark Knight Rises' interview

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    'Once Upon A Time' stars on which characters they'd like to see in the show

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    'Once Upon A Time' stars on season 1 finale

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'The Dark Knight Rises' interview

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    Marion Cotillard 'The Dark Knight Rises' Interview

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    Bryan Cranston and the 'Breaking Bad' cast talk season 5 at Comic-Con premiere

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    Big Bang Theory stars on season 5 finale

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    The Midnight Beast interview

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    'The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Christopher Nolan's success

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    'The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway at the European Premiere

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    Nathan Fillion 'Castle' interview

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    SMS Headphones by 50 Cent vs Beats by Dr. Dre

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    Marilyn Manson prefers 'Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga' interview

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    50 cent confirms New Day Ft. Dr.Dre & Alicia Keys

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    Jodie Marsh: I would love to join Dancing on Ice

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    Dynamo's 'Magician Impossible' series two interview

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    'Hollyoaks' Hollie-Jay Bowes: 'I know who killed Lynsey'

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    Digital Spy - Coronation Street' Brooke Vincent grateful for smaller storylines

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    Dappy confirms new album 'Bad Intentions': 'It's very controversial'

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    Little Mix perform Wings at T4 on the Beach

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    DJ Fresh confirms The Fray collaboration

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    The Amazing Spider-Man Premiere

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    Nintendo Wii U Gamepad preview

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    Spider-Man to team up with The Avengers?

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    'Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness teases new character

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    'Revenge' Emily VanCamp 'Emily's sociopathic in many ways'

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    Jon Hamm interview: 'Friends With Kids'

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    'Rock of Ages' Mary J Blige interview

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    The Muppets interview: We don't like to wear clothes

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    'Rock of Ages' Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta interview

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    Russell Brand talks dirty with Digital Spy

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    Russell Brand: I want to be Fagin out of Oliver Twist

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    'Red Lights' Cillian Murphy interview

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    Cillian Murphy teases 'Dark Knight Rises' appearance

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    Fast Girls interview: Noel Clarke, Lenora Crichlow on the sports drama

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    Jonas Armstrong Hit and Miss: 'He's Fallen in Love with a Dick'

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    Digital Spy - Cheryl Cole, Usher more at Capital FM Summertime Ball

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    Armando Iannucci talks Partridge Movie interview

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    Ken Loach and Paul Laverty interview: 'A film has got to demand to be made'

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    'Under the Skin' star used own chat up lines on Scarlett Johansson

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    Cover Drive interview: 'Rihanna thinks we're amazing'

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    Gossip chat new single and album

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    Noel Clarke and Lenora Crichlow 'Fast Girls' Interview

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    Julie Delpy and Chris Rock '2 Days in New York' Interview

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    Neighbours hunk Jordan Smith talks Andrew Robinson storylines

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    Neighbours legend Susan Kennedy Interview

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    fun. on 'We Are Young' sucess, Queen comparisons and new album

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    Nicki Minaj 'People are confused by me'

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    Guy Pearce talks 'Prometheus' virals, link to 'Alien'

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    Russell Howard on Good News: 'I was offered oral sex in exchange for a meercat'

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    Guy Pearce 'Lockout' interview

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    Andrew WK on ten years of Partying Hard!

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    'Prometheus' stars give us the lowdown on Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel

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    'The Avengers' star name their favourite fight scenes

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    'The Avengers' Scarlett Johansson on Joss Whedon 'He's gender blind'

  62. 448 Thumbnail

    'The Avengers' producer Kevin Feige on UK name change

  63. 449 Thumbnail

    'The Avengers' Mark Ruffalo on playing the Hulk

  64. 450 Thumbnail

    'The Avengers' Clark Gregg on Agent Coulson *SPOILERS*

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    The Avengers UK Press Conference in full

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    Jason Mraz on his new album and the "empowerment" of music

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    You're Fired! The Apprentice's Duane shows us 'The Super Punch'!

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    Peter Berg and Taylor Kitsch on 'Friday Night Lights' movie and 'Lone Survivor'

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    Taylor Kitsch and director Peter Berg chat Rihanna and Battleship

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    Digital Spy auditions for Britain's Got Talent

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    One Direction's Harry Styles talks KCAs and US reception

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    iCarly's Gibby talks to Digital Spy at Nick KCAs

  73. 459 Thumbnail

    House of Anubis cast talk to Digital Spy at Nick KCAs

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    Rupert Grint, Tom Felton and others on Harry Potter remake

  75. 461 Thumbnail

    Rupert Grint interview: 'After finishing Harry Potter I felt lost'

  76. 462 Thumbnail

    Tom Felton on hair dye and missing the 'Harry Potter' family

  77. 463 Thumbnail

    Harry Potter actors and team pick their favourite parts of The Harry Potter Studio Tour

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    'Titanic' Billy Zane interview: 'This was more than a movie from day one'

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    Paloma Faith: Ghostface Killah didn't understand 'New York'

  80. 466 Thumbnail

    Paloma Faith on her new cinematically-inspired album

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    Behind the Scenes on 'This Morning' with Eamonn and Ruth

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    'The Avengers', 'Prometheus' or 'The Dark Knight Rises'? Which movie are you most excited about?

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    Dave Gorman on his new show 'Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation'

  84. 470 Thumbnail

    Sam Worthington on Avatar sequel 'I'm ready whenever Jim says'

  85. 471 Thumbnail

    'Ninja Turtles' director on fans backlash 'They're gonna love what we're doing'

  86. 472 Thumbnail

    'Wrath Of The Titans' director and star Sam Worthington interview

  87. 473 Thumbnail

    MyAnna Buring on Breaking Dawn Part 2 'Bella is even more beautiful as a vampire'

  88. 474 Thumbnail

    'Skyfall' star Bérénice Marlohe on her favourite Bond girl

  89. 475 Thumbnail

    'The Avengers' Tom Hiddleston on who had the biggest trailer and the biggest biceps!

  90. 476 Thumbnail

    Olivia Colman pays tribute to Tyrannosaur director Paddy Considine

  91. 477 Thumbnail

    Bonnie Wright and Matt Lewis on Harry Potter set tours

  92. 478 Thumbnail

    'The Inbetweeners Movie' stars on the success of the comedy film

  93. 479 Thumbnail

    'Game Of Thrones' stars look ahead at season 2

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    Rihanna on her movie debut in 'Battleship'

  95. 481 Thumbnail

    Brooklyn Decker's 'Battleship' Twitter Q&A

  96. 482 Thumbnail

    Rihanna denies Ashton Kutcher romance 'I'm happy and I'm single'

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    George Sampson: "Watching StreetDance 2 will make you smile"

  98. 484 Thumbnail

    George Sampson to Britain's Got Talent acts: "Just do your thing"

  99. 485 Thumbnail

    The cast of 'Titanic' on why the story is so enduring