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    There Is Nothing Cool About These Gas Prices On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    You Want Justice For Trayvon Martin,Well Where Is The Justice For Brian Terry

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    There Is Nothing Cool About Being A Fraud

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    I Couldn't Help Thinking While I Was Walking

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    Who Is Looking Over Your Shoulder

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    Without A Candidate For The People Like Sarah Palin I'm Taking A Walk

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    It is Nice To See That There Are People That Don't Suffer From ABO, Anybody But Obama

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    Chris Matthews Is The Grand Wizard Of The Modern Day Ku Klux Klan

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    Breaking News - Stephen Colbert Has Emergency Surgery To Remove His Head From Obama's Ass

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    Jon Stewart You Did Not Mention Ron Paul In Romney's Veepstakes

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    Breaking News - Ron Paul Has A Theory He Can Still Win The Republican Nomination

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    Obama Should Pardon Bo So We Know He Will Never Be Served At A White House Function

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    Obama Colluding To Drive Up Your Gas Prices On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    It's Jon Stewart's Job To Get Obama Reelected

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    Your Mainstream Media And Your Conservative Media Are Colluding Together

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    The Stories Our Media Circus Want Us To Promote

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    Sorry Little Ricky Santorum, It's Not My Job To Campaign For Mitt Romney

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    Our Political Candy,The M&M Election,The Muslim vs The Mormon

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    Tea Party Leader Tells Mitt Romney To Take A Flying F@!# On Campaigning For Him

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    Modified Model T Hot Rod On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    It's Not My Job To Promote Mitt Romney Gas Prices On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    Sorry Mark, It's Not My Job To Promote Mitt Romney

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    I Support Sarah Palin But I Don't Support NBC's Racist Marxist Agenda

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    Breaking News - Olympia Snowe To Get Facelift And Run For Another Term

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    A 1937 Chevrolet Coup On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    If Enthusiasm Is The Gas That Powers The Republican Party Than They're Running On Empty

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    Breaking News - Palin vs Couric

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    Breaking News - Sarah Palin To Announce She Is Going To Seek The Republican Nomination

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    Breaking News - It's Marxist Madness Here In Maine

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    Breaking News - The Daily Gator Is Wishing You A Belated Happy National Cleavage Day

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    Triple J is Right We Do Have A Congress In Rebellion

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    Marxist Makes Madness Mention In Maine

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    Breaking News - Alveda King Calls Trayvon Martin's Death A Late Abortion

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    Sarah Palin May Not Be Running But If Mitt Romney Wins We'll Still Have A Woman

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    This Is Not About Romney Releasing Records,It's About Our Kenyan Import Releasing His

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    Breaking News:Charles Krauthammer:Obama Is The Great Pretender When It Comes To Lowering Gas Prices

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    Breaking News - U.K. Drivers Are In A Panic Over Potential Gas Truck Delivery Strike

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    What The Hell Does Homeland Security Need With 450 Million Bullets?

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    Breaking News - The Father Of The New World Order Sings To Romney's Rivals

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    Breaking News - I've Heard Of Singing For Your Supper But Willie Is Asked To Sing For His Freedom

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    Breaking News - Spike Lee Apologizes And Promises Compensation

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    I Check Some Obama Food Prices On The Right Side Of Saco

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    Breaking News - Sheila Jackson Lee Speculates George Zimmerman Broke His Own Nose

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    Breaking News - Selective Service Administration Will Not Release Obama's Selective Service Records

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    I Am A Failure At Getting Olympia Snowe The Credit She Deserves In Passing Obamacare

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    Breaking News - The Drudge Report Is Not Reporting This Story On Mitt Romney

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    You Better Be Hoping The American People Really Do Suffer From ABO

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    Waiting To Get A Copyright Infringement For Blogging About Congressman Bobby Rush Wearing Hoodie

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    Thee Obama For Me Gas Prices On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    To Hell With This Kenyan Import And Mitt Romney,I Want Lord Monckton For President

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    One Hot Rod Is Cool But Three On The Right Side Of Kennebunk Is Just To Sweet

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    Breaking News - Elderly Couple Forced Out Of Their Home After Spike Lee's Terror Tweet

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    Lord Monckton On Obama's Birth Certificate,It's An In Your Face Bogus Document

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    Obama And The Media Making Light Of Him Selling Out America To Russia On Missile Defense

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    Spike Lee Becomes The Filmmaker Of Hate And Joins In With The Ministers Of Racism

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    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible On The Right Side Of Kennebunk

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    Mark Levin Flat Out Lied Saying No Republicans Voted For Obamacare

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    Breaking News - Obama Administration Is Hawking Hoodies For His Reelection Campaign

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    Newt Why Would I Pay Fifty Bucks When I Could Pull An Obama And Photoshop It

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    Breaking News - Sarah Palin To Rick Santorum, Welcome To My World

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    Breaking News - Daily Kos - Dear Conservatives, Taste The F*cking Rainbow

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    Breaking News - Cowardly Congress Won't Investigate Manchurian Candidate Obama

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    The Ministers Of Racism Are Pimping Trayvon Martin For There Own Political Gain

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    Newt Gingrich,Obama Promising To Sell Out Our Missile Defense After Election Bigger Than Santorum

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    Little Ricky Santorum Is Doubling Down On New York Times Reporter

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    Breaking News - Obama Administration To Deport Senior Citizens Their Easier To Catch

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    Breaking News - Communists.com & Socialists.com Are Re-Directing To BarackObama.com

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    Breaking News - 13 Year Old Boy Was Doused In Gasoline And Set Alight In Racially Motivated Attack

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    Breaking News - Little Ricky Santorum Swears At New York Times Reporter

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    Breaking News - Arlen Specter Says In His New Book: Sarah Palin "Radiated Sensuality"

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    Cooking With Steve - The Dumpster Duck Edition ( Graphic Language )

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    Breaking News - Black Panthers Are Offering One Million Dollar Bounty On George Zimmerman

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    Kimberly Guilfoyle, Obama Has Already Showed You What Kind Of Man He Is

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    Sheriff Joe Gives Selective Service Director 30 Days To Release Another Fraudulent Document On Obama

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    Breaking News - The Dirty Laundry Edition Trayvon Martin

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    Breaking News - Louis Farrakhan And Al Sharpton Are Not On The Same Page

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    Did You Know That Obama Has Lived Over Fifty Year Without Leaving Any Footprints

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    Is The Ron Paul Campaign Bleeding Cash As The Romney Campaign Spends Theirs Smearing Opponents