The Mask Unveiled. The legend of the IcePeople, Book 18.

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Opublikowany 7 cze 2008

Here is the story of Elisabet and Vermundur ....
This tells the story of young Elisabet Paladin who lives a dull and monotonous life on her parents Estate.
One day, when an accident occurs on the river, she meets Vermund Tark.
A man who has wealth and power but prefers to preoccupy himself in outdoor labour.
Elisabe0t is unusually shy around this rough and handsome man.

And so later that same day, when he comes to their farm to propose, she feels disappointed, when he asks for her hand in marriage on the behalf of his younger brother...

Elisabet does not agree to get engaged to a man she has never met, but she agrees to become a maid and a companion to Mr. Tark's relative, an elderly woman who is mentally ill.
This way she gets an opportunity to get to know her potential husband and parents-in- law before making her decision.

Elisabet is now intertwined in the Tark's family secrets.. secrets so disturbing that Vermund can not bear to live with the shame any longer.

He intends to take his own life as soon as he has settled the future for his brother and the woman who became insane because of these secrets.

... But he never planed on falling in love in the process.

This is my "movie" version of book 18. of The legend of the Icepeople. "The Mask Unveiled" (This is my own translation as the book has not yet been published in English. The original title in Swedish is "Bakom Facaden". )

It follows the story line pretty much in the beginning but as is common in "movie" adaptations I invented some new scenes (mainly because I had to use the material and try to fit the main characters together as they are of course never together in reality).

I hope I kept the essence of the book and of course mainly the tormented romance of the main characters.

Rupert Penry-Jones's portray of Captain Wentworth in Persuasion made it very easy to adapt into the tormented Vermund Tark.
(Well after watching it again I realize that he does smile a lot... could be because of my admiration for his beautiful smile :Þ)

They even had the perfect scene of him riding a horse along side a carriage where Elisabet can admire him from, just like they do in the book ! (very convenient and great to look at as well ;)

Felicity Jones really is my Elisabet Paladin now... I can't believe I ever thought of anyone else in the role .. she has such wonderful facial expressions which is very easy to work with, and I have to say I think they had much better chemistry than RPJ and Sally Hawkins in Persuasion... weired haha.

Well I hope you all like it... I know I had so much fun making it.

Here is a Downloadable file:
*The clips belong to ITV and the book belongs to Margit Sandemo. No copyright violation intended. This is purely fan made. *

Here is the Amazon website to the english publication of The Legend of the Icepeople.



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