Katarzyna Nosowska ~ Nomada (2011)

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Opublikowany 27 lut 2017

Album: 8
Released: September 23, 2011
Single released: August 22, 2011

Nomad - single Catherine Nosowska promoting her sixth solo album Fri. 8 (album Catherine Nosowska) . Premiered on August 22 aired on Third Programme of Polish Radio ,. The author of the text is the same singer, and the music was composed by Marcin Macuk . In his debut song came in 24th Playlists Three .
Nosowska asked why such a title, she replied:
"As for the fact that very often the people we deprive ourselves the pleasure that results from the fact that, for example squat in one place for longer, with one person stay for a long time. These are the things that require courage, but if you decide on a step in my life, just to be, to be deposited no then the profits are, so to speak, well, quite wonderful. a song, in turn, tells the story of a character who in short naiad is then shame it all as if reflects the world back because it is not willing to stay for longer. that is such a wanderer, someone who moves, that is why the title of nomad "

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