Ubercapitalist 341270 Part 2, RE4 Mercenaries Castle

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Ajoutée le 26 août 2007

Part 2 of 2.
294 kills, 157 combo, 341270 points.
Bonus 22+24+24.

Resident Evil 4, NTSC Gamecube version.

The 2nd bonus chest went well except for the door shutting in front of me (maybe cost 1 bonus kill). The reps before the last door were great except for the lack of grenades, but I didn't really need them. The final bonus chest was interesting because I didn't have a hand grenade to do it in my usual way, this was the first time I had good results running straight toward the grenade in the corner after grabbing the bonus timer. I missed a shot on the shield zealot and put the rifle down, which cost me too much time to get the 25th bonus kill. The final 15 seconds were horrible, I was grabbed and I ran back toward the door instead of going for an easy 3 kills down the short stairs, and I didn't have time to shoot a zealot that dropped down as time expired.

I ended up just 600 points off Roxus and WAVE's record, but I am happy finally to get over 340,000 points.

Thanks to Roxus and Atwyatt for helping me out with the reps before and after entering the last room, and to Yankichi whose videos started all this high scoring business : )


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