Allen Ginsberg live in London

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Ajoutée le 13 juil. 2006

Allen Ginsberg - Beat poet, father of 'flower-power', US cultural icon, reading his anti-war poem 'Hum Bom!' , live on stage at Heaven nightclub, London UK October 19 1995, at the underground club-night 'megatripolis' (thursdays 1993-1996) in archive film, to an audience of about 1000 people. Sadly this was Ginsberg's final UK live stage reading - a brilliant performance.
(booked and introduced by Lee Harris of Alchemy head shop Portobello road west London, see below).

Hum Bom! was re-written and updated for the two Iraq wars. Part I codifies a longer improvisation in a Southern church at an antiwar rally marking U.S. carpet-bombing in North Vietnam, from the early '70s. The bombing of Iraq prompted another seven stanzas'. Gog and Magog are mirror-image mad puppets of war, prophesied to appear before the world's final destruction, Biblical Armageddon, (see Ezekiel and Revelation). The poem and performance obviosly resonates still , all this time after he originally wrote it.
Ginsberg was performing on the 2nd birthday anniversary of megatripolis. An audience of around 1000 it was a superb evening, Ginsberg on great form despite being 72.
The performance was captured for posterity (on better quality than this ) on Steve Teer's film , see below.

The film has prompted a plethora of poetry activity and film-making including 'Howl' (Epstein/Friedman starring James Franco) 'Kill Your Darlings' (John Krokidas starring Daniel Radcliffe) culminating in The Poetry Reincarnation 50th anniversary 2015 London Roundhouse.

Allen Ginsberg was reading as part of his penultimate trip to the UK which included performing at the Royal Albert Hall the previous evening:

Thanks to British poet Tom Pickard, assisting Allen Ginsberg, turning pages.
Big thanks to, filmed and edited by Steve Teers of Diva Pictures.

The archive film, Allen Ginsberg Live in London , of this performance is available on
There is a promo website for the film at with some clips, poetry and photos.

another short archive clip from this reading (of 'Fifth Internationale') on youtube is at

Ginsberg can also be heard on the megatripolis 3 X CD audio album and booklet - a re-release for 2015 of the 3 x CD and booklet album featuring many famous philosophers and great edm / ambient music - 100% packaged on environmentally friendly packaging
available at

This archive clip with courtesy of The Wylie Agency (UK) Ltd c Copyright 1995 by Allen Ginsberg, Steve Teers, Diva Pictures (UK).(
Thanks to Heaven nightclub and thanks to all mega-t club crew.



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