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Published on Mar 27, 2012


Holy crap ...

THIS IS (and will probably stay) MY BEST FC EVER, and probably my best GH performance ever.

Finally. It's done. The malediction is over. 8 monthes. 8 MONTHES ! This is the song that I played the most and where I choked the most on. I was just insanely unlucky.

I wonder if it's really necessary to write a description, because the fact of saying nothing might be the best way to describe all I'm think about.

Ok I will though say what I think necessary, without telling to much details.

So, this is Fight Fire With Fire, by Metallica of course. I don't especially like this song, but I like the instrumental parts, particularly the solos. Anyway I heard it WAY to much, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN !

You have to know that I choked on the VERY END in july 2011 (Video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXjMtY...). I was desperated and absolutly wanted it. So I grinded it as hell, but without real result. The main cause are the "Burning riff" transitions. For me, it's the hardest parts of the song.
It's quick, the pattern isn't easy, and also there is a break between the main riff and those sections, which makes the rythm very weird. The last one is the main reason that made me have so much difficulties with it.

So I grinded the song, not every day, I had "FFWF grind sessions", but it was so hard for me, it was so rare to FC the 5 "Burning Riff" transitions in one run (maybe 6-7 times in one month). Sometimes I thought that I would never FC the song, that I was both lucky to have FCed until the last transition but also horribly unlucky to have missed after the last one.
And when I FCed the 5 transitions in one run, I missed in an other part, often the solo.

Really you can't imagine how long I spent on it, how many techniques I used, I searched ... Sometimes it was ridiculous. I played one hour and stopped because I didn't even FC until the solo !

About the solo now : the "real" solo is OK for me, I don't really fear it (even if I find it fucking hard), but I find the "second" solo's pattern SO hard with the RBY OBOBY.
Here too, you can't imagine how much I worked on it.

Ok I will pass on all the misadventures, stories, news, facts and on my legendary lack of luck during those 8 monthes. It was more than insane.

But I need to speak about the last week. I begann to miss less and less in the transitions. I even did an other outro choke in the beginning of the week. (When I say outro choke, I mean in the last transition. I never missed AFTER the last transition, except for my choke 8 monthes ago). I was lucky to arrive here.
After it, nothing in the week. But the last week end was really interessant.
2 days ago (saturday), I was still more consistant. I arrived at the end like "holy shit man it's your change don't waste it" ... of course I missed this FUCKING transition. And 30 min later ... exactly the same choke. Unlucky as ever ... I was desperated. Horrible, just horrible. Insane. It's so RARE to arrive there ... It means you passed ALL the strumms, solo and transitions, just one left. You CAN't miss here, you CAN'T. I didn't even profite of this ...

And the next day (yesterday, so), I begann to be consistant on the transitions. I felt that the FC was coming. You want to laugh ? I rechoked at the very end. AND THE RUN AFTER. But I wasn't sad so much. First because I was feeling it would come, and also because I begann to be really consistant. In 2 days, I made as much last transition's choke than in 8 monthes ! I didn't have the FC yesterday, I think I was too much tired.


In this point, I was almost more consistant in the transitions thant in the solo.

Today, after some chokes, some misses in the last solo, I passed it all ... I didn't choked.

IT'S O-VER !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy and so proud ! I don't have words to describe what I feel, maybe it's better, nothing to write.


Some infos :

I didn't count exactly, but
About 60 chokes
About 30 times "-1"


So, GHM FC #42


My new top 5 FC's :
#1 Fight Fire With Fire (GHM) (Hehehe, it won't change I think :))
#2 The Way It Ends (GH3) (It kept the 1st place for almost a year !)
#3 Mr. Crowley (GHWT)
#4 Done With Everything, Die For Nothing (GH5)
#5 (You Can Still) Rock In America (GHWoR)


My name on scorehero : Freezeur

My special GH skyblog : http://freezeur-21.skyblog.com


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