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Too many breyer series ideas! HELP!!!





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Uploaded on Jul 8, 2009


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PREVIEW 1 - Seven Suns

Greeting my friend, my ally, perhaps my enemy, I would like to offer you the opportunity to step into my life for a moment, whether a pain or pleasure, that is for you to decide.
Screams could be heard throughout the stable, lashings and ropes and chaos was all around trying to break 7 wild spirits, those were the good days, at least we were not alone.
Now, our cries echo out into oblivion, we are forgotten.
We must survive.

All I remember was crashes and darkness, and when I awoke, I was alone and abandoned, I knew If I was to survive, I would have to find the six other horses, they had to be here, they had to be somewhere.
"Hello? Can anyone hear me?"
I came across a mare, struggling in the briar.
"Please help me" she whispered
Clearing the trees, I rescued her.
She was beautiful
"My name is Leila, thank you so much, where are we, where are the others?"
"I dont know."
"Youre hurt!"
Oh, my leg was bleeding, quite badly, but my eyes were drawn to her blood soaked flank.
"So are you. We must find a place to rest, lets move"
We leaned onto eachother, Leila and I, bloody and tired and confused.
What a pathetically beautiful pair we were.
The night was haunting, we stayed close.
I was unaware of how deep my wound really was, and I caught and infection, a taste of death. I fought a deadly fever into the dark hours, Leila was my night beauty. Her gentle voice was comforting, however her beliefs were terribly naive.
"They must be searching for us, theyll help you get well again"
"They arent"
"We will be rescued, theyve noticed we are missing."
"We are not missed"
"The world is forgiving."
"We are forgotten."
She grew angry with me, her eyes flashed.
"The heavens are merciful!"
"We are abandoned."
And with that, we slept.
Seven Suns


PREVIEW 2- Tin Soldier

This was a dark time in the horse world. When the wild herds were forced to make a final stand against the humans. Before the tamed began to invade wild territory, all was peaceful. Small herds, large herds, bachelor stallions, were all safe in the shade of the oak trees and the bright sun of freedom. Until humans greed grew taller and taller until the branches of their trees tore into the open sky, and now the clouds bleed rain, and foals cower in the corner of an oak tree, seeking safety in the shadows they once feared. The small herds were targeted but stealthy, the large herds were powerful but as clear as the tears that streamed their cheeks, and bachelor stallions were as good as gone. Cries of fury echoed over the rolling red hills, as another one fell, another one was captured, another one stripped of their freedom. And sometimes, in the darkest hours of the night, a scream of death pierced the air from the one who was too proud to give in. In all of this darkness, a forbidden love was forming, and two lives were becoming one, in the blackest of nights, one dim star was glowing. It was a love so delicate, as a porcelain doll, so close to crumbling down, but so beautiful just the same. The small herd of two was left to wander their dying valley, but they held on, they still had a will to live on, unlike the other lost horses in their fallen homeland. In this time of desperation a leader emerged, he send word across the land of the creation of an ultimate herd, an indestructible army, to destroy the tamed horses once and for all. The broken horses were eager to latch on to any hope of freedom, and revenge. There was a set day for The Gathering, when the full moon rose every horse seeking purity would stand shoulder to shoulder, and charge the villages. But. As the Leader galloped down his line of broken souls, standing silent like glass figures, a herd was missing, the herd that belonged to his son. At the peak of the hill a lone stallion stood, black as death, he called words of peace, he scorned their pride and brutality, he cried out that the tamed are their brothers and mothers and children, and that their kind would be blood stained forever more. The Leaders shrill neigh pierced the air but the dark stallion stood silent and cold, as a tin soldier facing death. The glass stallions charged the lone stallion, the Leaders mane whipping his face, the dark stallion closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and whispered to the heavens, Im coming

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