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Turn It Up Video L.j Frazier





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Published on May 28, 2012

Rapper L.J Frazier - Turn It Up video @DaRealLjFrazier

This song was written and produce by L.J Frazier

I hope you enjoy this song and will let me know what you think by leaving me a comment. Be sure to support me if you like my rap by clicking the "like" button, saving to favorites, and subscribing to my channel! Your support means so much to me!

A very special thank's 2 my friends and fans!

Keep following your dreams! :)

im going in u already know turn it up next level we finna get it in fasho people hit the dance flow we finna party somemore we finna cranck this jam up everybody getting doe ohh
its lj im finna get it in just me and my friends so go tell yo friends its finna be a party all nite long music bumping loud till the break of dawn cant no one tell me nothing imma just do me fresh chain new shirt and some new nikes betta cuff yo chick or she rolling with me in the studio fruity loops banging out beats flows crazy confidence outrajious they in the back hating on me but they still cant faze me idependent rapper but im never slacking make my own beats and they always slaping i say my swag higher than the supreme court running this rap game like i was playing sports studying my craft some calling me a dork imma take it to the south all the way to the north
im going in u already know turn it up next level we finna get it in fasho people hit the dance flow we finna party somemore we finna crack this jam up everybody getting doe ohh
the same ones that was hating on me on twitter askin bout my new cd saying that they wanna be just like me but now im finna take this game all the way to overseze its a party lets turn it up speakers going ham but they cant get enough in the crowd jumping got people getting crunck all my oakland people on stage getting dumb man music blastin thew the spot u gotta tell me imma make it to the top going to the mall imma shop intill i drop ben doing it for years and i aint never gone stop i love the feeling when im on stage crowd make noise adrenaline pumping threw my vains its a crazy feeling when u having fun if u play this in yo car garentee yo speakers bump
im going in u already know turn it up next level we finna get it in fasho people hit the dance flow we finna party somemore we finna crack this jam up everybody getting doe ohh
Now if u ready to have fun throw yo hand in the air everybody get up (x2)
im going in u already know turn it up next level we finna get it in fasho people hit the dance flow we finna party somemore we finna crack this jam up everybody getting doe ohh

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