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Got Custom Motorcycle Helmet? tigerpause444 gets interviewed





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Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

A year ago, I was interviewed by 808yewtube ( http://www.youtube.com/user/808yewtube ). she contacted me via youtube, and we've been in contact ever since. Check out her channel! it rocks! she has ridden a cruiser bike, a sport bike, a pocket bike, and her latest craze... dirt bikes!! she's radical, and she makes great vids..

shoutout to 808yewtube: thank you for contacting me and making this vid. I was very nervous to meet up with a stranger. I don't like anyone to know who I am, but for some reason, your coolness was intriguing and comforting.. ride safe girl..

What started the custom helmet craze?
Back in 2000, I purchased a hologram visor insert from Andy's motorcycle. After I installed the insert into one my lids, I started adding teeth and mohawk spikes to the helmet. My brother-in-law suggested one year, that I attach my Halloween costume Darth Vader - to one of my Shoei lids.. I agreed, and that was the re-birth of tigerpause444 helmets. I created 1 helmet annually from the year 2000. I've completed 16 up to date (I went a little crazy in the past 3 years and created more than just 1 in a year).

Do you have any goals with your creations?
I feel the lids are art. I wouldn't mind exhibiting them at some art show.
I want all my riding friends to join me on the next Toys for Tots ride while sporting all the custom lids.. Last year, I could only get 4 bikers to go.
I want to experiment with skater helmets next.. I see them as a multi-age, multi-use helmets (skate boarders, roller bladers, and other sidewalk roll sports). A much broader market. maybe even make some $$$

Why do you make these helmets?
It's fun to hide under a helmet. Nobody knows who I am. To see kids with their noses pressed up on the inside of a car window is awesome. to see passengers bust out their cameras and phone cameras is cool. to work on a creative project with my 5 year old son... PRICELESS

How do you decide on what character to do next?
Many sources, a youtube user once suggested that I make master Chief, another suggested I make Ironman. My wife, my son, co-workers, biker buddies, and just about anybody that knows me always have crazy ideas. A security guard at my previous job-site told me "do the Jack in the Box ball!"

I have 2 criteria for any helmet.. my peripheral needs to be completely clear of obstructions, and the most important criteria: The character has to be instantly recognizable.

most frequently asked questions:

1: what's the helmet rotating on?
a tower fan from WalMart

2: why don't you show your face?
I get enough criticism on my helmets, I don't need dumb butts telling me what I look like, or that I'm too old to make characters/icons on moto helmets. besides, the helmets are art. I want people to appreciate the art, and not focus on the artist so much.

3: are your helmets for sale? can I place a special order?
sorry, no, not for sale.. I don't want to sell a lid to somebody, and if they crash for some reason - and end up on the news, I'd be devastated to see one of my lids and the rider on the road..

4: are your helmets DOT/Snell approved:
they were all DOT/Snell approved until I put a screw in it. any of my helmets that don't have screws in them are still DOT.

5: have you road tested your helmets?
yes, they're all tested at speeds over 80mph.

6: do the Police pull you over?
I had one pull me over one time, just so that he could get a closer look at my lid.. I was wearing Darth Vader that day.. :) but to date, not yet

7: where do you get your helmets from?
craigslist is my helmet haven.. and if I get tired of one of my helmets, I'll take it apart, and create my next.

8: can you please create a tutorial?
sorry, after discussing with my 5 year old son, we've decided that the funnest part of designing/modifying a helmet, is figuring out how to accomplish the character. Besides, If I share my secrets, it wouldn't be one of a kind anymore. It's art.. go create you own crazy design.

Safety disclaimer: Please be aware that my helmet designs do not meet DOT (Department of Transportation) specifications. They are not intended for use on any motorized vehicles. They are not designed to be a safety helmet and will not protect your head on impact. If you copy my designs or are inspired to create your own- then become injured, permanently disabled, or receive a ticket while wearing this helmet, tigerpause444 is not liable.


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