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    Official Netherlands 2013 Subaru BRZ STI. Releases in America in December 2013.

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    Backtrack 5 XSS and Metasploit. What to do after executing the exploit & selecting a payload.

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    Ron paul supports old school tactics, He will be president!!!!!!!

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    This new US House BILL NDAA has caused deaths worldwide!

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    RON PAUl's has a trick up both of his sleeves! GO RON PAUL Expert method to win election

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    RON PAUL says, "This is the beginning of the End" And he is right bye bye communism

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    How stuff works! Plastics Hydrocarbons, etc.

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    How stuff works! Electric motors for electric shavers, rules of thermodynamics

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    How Stuff works! Automobile brakes.

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    How Stuff works! CRT Cathode Ray Tubes (Televisions) FOCUSED ELECTRON BEAM!

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    130,000 to Die at the London Olympics

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    How Stuff Works. Neon Signs! Described in lamens terms for audience benefit ;)

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    Romney wins Texas... With un-pledged Delegates... Don't think about it. Ron Paul 2012

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    Muslim brotherhood pay attention to this!

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    Ron Paul destroys Mitt Romney in WND's internet poll (High).flv

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    Ron Paul is the Rage & didnt quit his Campaign 5-21-12!. A must see! CNN NBC FOX

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    Girls FArT too! proof )

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    Declaration of Independence did not pass on 7/4/1776

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    WORLDWIDE drug Abuse Caffeine Scandal

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    Camels camels camels=)

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    History you didnt learn! Waterloo

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    Ron Paul's Vice Presient is?

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    NWO MONEY GOLD PROTESTS in Spain 2012 pt1

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    The fastest 2012 Corvette in the WORLD! PABLO

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    Muslims are not suppossed to get mad, Bu tthis one is raging out on a nice woman in red! .

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    Just like the BIBLE says, "Fire balls shoot across sky"

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    Elenin is here, not much time left. Are you saved?

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    Magnetic Poles will shift in 2012.

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    Ron Paul ties Obama in Delegate count program 2012

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    Ron Paul is the RAGE! He beat's Obama and Romney! Proof @ Ron Pauls Rally!

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    Ron Paul rises to the top of delegate count.

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    Global Agenda Population control

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    If you support RON PAUL, You support the founding freedom's our 4 fathers gave us! GO YOU!!!!!!!!

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    30 facts all Americans 2012 need to know before dying!

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    HAARP, easy to understand. g33k

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    Wanna know why were all gonna die soon?

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    Ron Paul has already won!

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    Amazing song about 2012 and other conspiracy's

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    Holocaust in America 2012-2013?One said the illuminatti , our miliraty and FEMA are responsible

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    Ron Paul will win cause you keep saying he cant!

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    Real mark of the BEAST and teh NWO agenda. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.

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    2012 America is waking up! To the idea of of world domination.

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    2012 secrets about America. All the stories your history books left out

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    Military March dor PRESIDENT Ron Paul 2012 !!! 2012 military March in the streets for Ron Paul!

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    How "NOT" to be a Television Reporter! 2012 Shocking Stupidity!

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    NSA Darpa are Blocking Ron Pauls 2012 votes and searches in Google.

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    2012 Masonic symbols on American money. Everything we need to know is right under out nose'

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    Ron Paul 2012 people are making awesome songs about you and your methods! We love you Ron Paul

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    Irans Leader says "America is toast!"

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    Michelle Obama fool???

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    Ron Paul Sponsors 2012 & Wayne Paul Roosevelt bankrupted the United States.

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    Fox has the stupidest news reporter in the history of News 2012!

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    Ron Paul went from 2 to 52 percent overnight, 2012 Vote Ron Paul FROM TEXAS He is truth Friends!

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    Banned Ron Paul turns the other cheek 2012! Ron Paul Time for Americans to wake up!

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    Ron Paul 2012 Riots in the streets for Removal of Troops. Ron Paul can make this happen.

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    Ron Paul Oaths to our Military troops to bring them home now 2012, first have to vote him President

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    Anonymous hacks Private 2012 emails for Public Interest???? Interesting topic.

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    Rewriting history!

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    WW3 Iran is a nuclear threat in 2012 and Israel has the nuclear weapons as well!

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    2012 Iran will start WW3 and ban Oil sales to the EU!! Iran is 1/5 of worlds Oil/Uranium trade.

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    2012 Star Child has been found! Bible Prophecy fulfillment

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    WW3 will start over Iran blocking thier ports for Imports/ Exports! www.TheSuperGeeks.com

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    Justin Bieber Epic Fail 5/2012

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    RED ALERT The IRS is going down, 2009 James traficant releas

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    United States 2012 and Israel about to go to war with Iran. WW3 will start as a result.

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    Iran has fired 70 cruise missles to terror camps in Afganistan, Iraq and Jordan

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    Basically dont mess with Iran, at all!!!!

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    USA wants to eradicate 90 percent of people, and its called Agenda 21

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    Nibiru the Colorful star 2012!

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    Ron Paul confirms Obama care will put RFID chips in Humans! In lamens terms a RFID chip!

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    James Traficant proves Israel gets 15 billion a year from American tax payers.

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    Obama and Bush conjuring up a lie, Caught in the act!

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    Israel is a threat to America, not Iran. United States will go to war with Israel soon.

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    Obama care MArk of the Beast RFID chip in 2014.

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    The Bibles 3 days of darkness is about to happen in 2012

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    Moscow Warns United States 2012 to not attack Iran if Israel strikes in self defense

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    China Declares Cyber war on America in 2012.