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    My Strange Addiction Woman Likes to Eat Rocks

  2. 453 Thumbnail

    North Carolina Pastor's Crazy Sermon About Gay People

  3. 454 Thumbnail

    Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones Discusses Her Personal Life on Real Sports Show

  4. 455 Thumbnail

    Woman Fired From LINGERIE Company for Being Too Sexy????

  5. 456 Thumbnail

    Lapdancers Gave 67 Year Old Man A Heart Attack in Club

  6. 457 Thumbnail

    Epic Parenting Fail at a Laundromat

  7. 458 Thumbnail

    Boy Goes Black Face To Portray Martin Luther King But Elementary School Sends Him Home!!!

  8. 459 Thumbnail

    Man Has 30 kids w/ 11 women Says He Needs A Child Support Break

  9. 460 Thumbnail

    Will Smith Slaps Reporter For Trying to Kiss Him In the Mouth

  10. 461 Thumbnail

    Man Protests Restaurant's All-You-Can-Eat Policy

  11. 462 Thumbnail

    Kenyan Man Stuck Inside Another Man's Wife Due To Black Magic

  12. 463 Thumbnail

    Gator Almost Bites Off Scientist's Arm 250lb Alligator attacks In North Carolina

  13. 464 Thumbnail

    Gay Conversion Therapy Reaction

  14. 465 Thumbnail

    Alonzo "Turf" Jones, Extreme Hip-Hop Contortionist Dancer Reaction

  15. 466 Thumbnail

    Reporter Skirt Blooper

  16. 467 Thumbnail

    Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs

  17. 468 Thumbnail

    Usain Bolt dumped his girlfriend to focus on Olympics

  18. 469 Thumbnail

    Walmart shopper bitten by RATTLESNAKE

  19. 470 Thumbnail

    Dog Custody Battle Man Spends $60,000 In Lawyer Fees

  20. 471 Thumbnail

    Hodgetwins Have A Weird Sick Sense of Humour

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    Man Implants Magnets Surgically to Keep iPod On Arm Without Straps

  22. 473 Thumbnail

    70 Year Old Virgin Says She's Ready for Love and Marriage

  23. 474 Thumbnail

    Time Magazine Shows Mom Breastfeeding Son Who Is Almost 4 Year Old

  24. 475 Thumbnail

    Attempted Suicide By Car

  25. 476 Thumbnail

    John Travolta Lawsuit

  26. 477 Thumbnail

    #ackin off to Yo FB Pics

  27. 478 Thumbnail

    Fattest Woman In the World Getting Married

  28. 479 Thumbnail

    Grandmas watch Kardashian sex tape

  29. 480 Thumbnail

    Bodybuilder is first man to Eat 72 OUNCE Sirloin Challenge In 42 Minutes

  30. 481 Thumbnail

    Octomom Makes Her Adult Movie Debut Using Spaghettios...?!?

  31. 482 Thumbnail

    Grandmother auditions to be Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

  32. 483 Thumbnail

    16 Year Old Student Loses His Virginity to His 28 Year Old English Teacher

  33. 484 Thumbnail

    Burned Alive It Happens!!!

  34. 485 Thumbnail

    Obese Woman Sues Southwest Airlines

  35. 486 Thumbnail

    America's tallest man is fitted out for size 26 shoes that cost $20,000

  36. 487 Thumbnail

    Woman Mauled by Cheetahs at Holiday Safari Park In South Africa

  37. 488 Thumbnail

    Blind Man Can See After First Implant of Bionic Eye Microchips

  38. 489 Thumbnail

    Family Locked Inside Houston La Fisherman Restaurant For Not Leaving A Tip!

  39. 490 Thumbnail

    Mom Addicted to Tanning Takes 5 Year Old Daughter to Tanning Salon

  40. 491 Thumbnail

    Daughter Bites Her Mother and Family Dog!!!

  41. 492 Thumbnail

    Female Dentist Pulls Out All Ex's Teeth Scorned Dumped Woman Faces Jail Time

  42. 493 Thumbnail

    Man Run Over by Taxi in Montreal

  43. 494 Thumbnail

    Principal Caught Kissing His Secretary Resigns

  44. 495 Thumbnail


  45. 496 Thumbnail

    Judge Sends Shirtless Pic to Baliff

  46. 497 Thumbnail

    Woman Attacked Boyfriend for Not Giving Her MUSHROOM TIP!!

  47. 498 Thumbnail

    Meet World's Fastest Man On Four Legs Monkey Man Gallops across Japan

  48. 499 Thumbnail

    Re: Teenage Girl walking and talking on cell phone plunges down sinkhole in China "Fail" 4/24/2012

  49. 500 Thumbnail

    In Heat Horse Wants to Breed Dragged Back to Stable By Owner Tied to Back of Truck

  50. 501 Thumbnail

    Re: brian mcknight preview of new song for adult mix tape

  51. 502 Thumbnail

    A "Frog Sitting on a Bench Like a Human" Reaction

  52. 503 Thumbnail

    Choking Games Reaction

  53. 504 Thumbnail

    Sex Robots Coming Soon!!!!

  54. 505 Thumbnail

    Substitute Teacher Told 7 Year Old Student She Was Too Sexy For Gym Class

  55. 506 Thumbnail

    Home Invasion: Girl Gets Tore Up On Her Own Doorstep Over Twitter Beef! Girls Fighting

  56. 507 Thumbnail

    Kim Kardashian Plans to Run For Mayor of Glendale???

  57. 508 Thumbnail

    Christina Aguilera Didn't Want to Kiss or Hug Justin Bieber on The Voice

  58. 509 Thumbnail

    Man Caught Stealing Women's Lingerie from Laundry Room

  59. 510 Thumbnail

    Guy Tortures Cheating Wife and Her Lover

  60. 511 Thumbnail

    Male Cheerleader Tries Out for Houston Texans

  61. 512 Thumbnail

    Lifeguard in Truck Runs Over Sunbather Lying on BEACH

  62. 513 Thumbnail

    New Relationship Advice Channel

  63. 514 Thumbnail

    Sobbing Woman Suffers Obama TSA Patdown Reaction

  64. 515 Thumbnail

    Secret Service Scandal with Columbian Women

  65. 516 Thumbnail

    Tupac Hologram Performance Coachella 2012 Reaction

  66. 517 Thumbnail

    Crazed Fan Breaks into P Diddy's mansion

  67. 518 Thumbnail

    Old Woman Murdered Husband Buried Him in Backyard

  68. 519 Thumbnail

    Cop Caught Playing With Himself In His Patrol Car

  69. 520 Thumbnail

    Anderson Cooper Laughing Hysterically Live On TV Dyngus Day Commentary

  70. 521 Thumbnail

    Woman Punched a Guy Smashed Another With Her Louboutin Stiletto

  71. 522 Thumbnail

    Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

  72. 523 Thumbnail

    Miss Universe Pageant Now Allows Transgender Contestants

  73. 524 Thumbnail

    UK's biggest female bodybuilder Says She Can't Find a Man!!

  74. 525 Thumbnail

    George Zimmerman Arrested for 2nd Degree Murder

  75. 526 Thumbnail

    Petrino Fired as Arkansas Head Football Coach All Over A Hot Woman

  76. 527 Thumbnail

    Bear On Street Guy Texting Reaction

  77. 528 Thumbnail

    James Hooker Arrested Sexually Abusing Student in 1998 18 Year Old Girlfriend Dumps Him

  78. 529 Thumbnail

    Catholic Priest Shows Hardcore Gay Slideshow During First Communion Presentation

  79. 530 Thumbnail

    Girl blown by a plane

  80. 531 Thumbnail

    Male Students Offering Sex for Stressed Out Females to Help Improve Grades

  81. 532 Thumbnail

    22 year Old Man Who Looks 10 Arrested When Trying to Buy Alcohol

  82. 533 Thumbnail

    Christians NAILED to Crosses in Gruesome Good Friday Re-enactment of Jesus Crucifixion

  83. 534 Thumbnail

    Mary J. Blige's Racist Burger King Commercial w/ Link to Actual Video

  84. 535 Thumbnail

    Kony 2012 Sequel Part 2 Released

  85. 536 Thumbnail

    Minnesota Waitress Sues After Police Seize $12,000 Tip

  86. 537 Thumbnail

    New Voice Activated Google Goggles High Tech Invention "Project Glass"

  87. 538 Thumbnail

    Student Sues To Wear "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" Shirt

  88. 539 Thumbnail

    Hodgetwins T-Shirts Now Available

  89. 540 Thumbnail

    Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Sex Schandal with Underage Student

  90. 541 Thumbnail

    Catholic School Fires Artificial Inseminated Teacher for Being Immoral

  91. 542 Thumbnail

    Did Santorum almost call Obama the N word?

  92. 543 Thumbnail

    Megamillions Scandal McDonald's Employees in Maryland Are Outraged!!!

  93. 544 Thumbnail

    86-year old Gymnast Johanna Quaas demonstration Hodgetwins React

  94. 545 Thumbnail

    The Hunger Games Fans Upset With Black Actors In Movie

  95. 546 Thumbnail

    Spike Lee settles for retweeting wrong address of George Zimmerman

  96. 547 Thumbnail

    "Soccer Fight" South Carolina Girl Brutal Soccer Attack Gets Assault Charge

  97. 548 Thumbnail

    Charles Barkley Weight Watchers Ad Hodgetwins React

  98. 549 Thumbnail

    Joe Oliver George Zimmerman's Black Friend HOAX Hodgetwins React

  99. 550 Thumbnail

    George Zimmerman Dad Is A Retired Judge Hodgetwins React