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Listen to Me

by PBS NewsHour
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    'The Fix Is Prayer, Prayer and More Prayer'

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    'The System Is Learning How to Restrategize'

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    'It's Gone Downhill Since We Owe Lots of Countries Lots of Money'

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    'Our New Politicians Are Eager to Make Change'

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    'Not Enough People Participate'

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    'We Need Health Care Because a Lot of People Don't Have It'

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    'Our Economy Has Created a System of Overconsumption'

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    'I Believe in Supporting the American Public'

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    'Taxation Is the Most Important Issue'

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    'Most Americans Have a Dream To Do Better'

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    'We Must Find the Best President and Not the One That Sounds Good or Looks Good'

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    'The Political System Has Cracks in It That Can Definitely Use Some Repair'

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    The Economy Is Not the Most Important Issue

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    'Everyone Just Needs to Pull Together'

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    'Maybe We Just Have to Vote These People Out'

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    'Our Country Was Founded on Compromise'

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    'I'm a Cockeyed Optimist'

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    'I See a Lot of False Equivalence in the Media'

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    'Republicans Have Misled the Public'

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    'We're in a Civil War'

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    'Nothing Is Going Well'

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    'No Jobs, No Consumers, No Good Economy'

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    'I Think That Our Government Will Make Good Choices'

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    'There Doesn't Seem to Be Any Way to Unite Parties'

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    'The Most Important Issue Is Improving The Economy For Everybody.'

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    'Without Jobs and With Wars Going On All the Time You're Finished'

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    'Can I Buy Bread or Do I Have To Buy Shoes?'

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    'I'm Not Very Happy With the Way Education Is Being Regulated.'

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    'We're Ignoring the Founding Principles of Limited Constitutional Government'

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    'Gov. Romney Could Bring a Fresh Approach to the White House'

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    'I'm a Mother of Two Young Children'

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    'The Political System Is Flawed But Not 100 Percent Broken'

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    'I'm Not a Young Man Any More'

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    'I'm a Catholic... We're Supposed to Believe That You Shouldn't Use Birth Control'

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    'The Two Sides of the Aisle Are Not Working Together'

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    'We Have Left God Out of It'

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    'We Will Be Able to See an America Changed'

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    'I'm Hopeful America Can Pull Itself Back Up on Its Feet'

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    'Stop Being So Polarized on Every Issue'

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    'I'd Like to Get a Job When I Graduate'

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    'It's Very Divisive Right Now'

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    'There's Been a Homogenizing of the Parties'

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    'Everything Starts at Home First'

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    'We Need Some New, Fresh Perspectives'

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    'We Need to Get China Out of the Situation'

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    'I'd Like to See the Political Machine Straighten Up'

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    'I Feel That Politicians Forget Their Roots'

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    'All I Can Do Is Expect It to Get Better; It Can't Get No Worse'

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    'We Can't Do Anything If We Don't Have Any Money'

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    'The Promotion of a Culture of Life Is Most Important'

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    'Do Away With the Two-Party System'

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    'There's Been a Lot of Corruption and Greed That Has Infiltrated'

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    'Americans Would Be Wise to Try to Better Understand the Role of Government Functions'

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    'There Needs to Be More Accountability'

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    'The General Public Has Become More Caustic About All Kinds of Issues'

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    'There's a Lot of Mudslinging Going Around That's Unnecessary'

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    'The Poor's Going to Have More of a Burden Than They Have Now'

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    'We're Making Progress From the Mess That We Were in Three Years Back'

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    'Campaign Financing Is Polluting the Whole Campaign'

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    'I Haven't Seen Anything Change'

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    'We've Have Some Disappointments, But We Are Moving Forward'

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    'I'm Glad I'm Sixty Years Old Because I Wouldn't Want to Be Twenty'

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    'The Moral Character of This Society Has Gone Way Down'

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    'We're Seeing the Beginning Signs of a Major Collapse on the Horizon'

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    'We Are Bankrupt; We're Playing Games'

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    'Small Government Isn't a Bad Thing'

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    'The Most Important Issue Is Repealing Obama Care'

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    'I Just Hate That Attack Ads Are What Work'

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    'We Always Look For a Quick Fix'

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    'We Need to Speak With Our Votes'

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    'We Can Rebuild What We've Broken'

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    'The Most Important Thing to Me Right Now Is Unemployment'

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    'I'm Hopeful That Things Are Going to Change'

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    'More People Need to Stand Up and Do What Is Right'

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    "The Citizens United decision has really damaged politics in this country"

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    "The political system fails get told a lot of things that you want to hear"

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    'I'd Like to See More Fairness'

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    'Foreign Affairs, That's Important Still'

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    'I Hope There are Young Politicians Out There'

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    'It's a Time of Great Social Change'

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    'Focus on What's Important and Values of All People'

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    'I Would Like To Be Able to Get A Job With My Degree'

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    'Our Country Keeps Getting into More and More Debt'

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    'We Always Rise Back Up to the Top'

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    'Supporting the Middle Class Is a Big Deal'

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    The Foundation of the Entire Country Rides on Everybody Having a Decent Job

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    'Real Estate Is One of the Most Important Things in Our Country'

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    'I Am Hopeful That Our Country Will Be Able to Turn Around'

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    'A Lot of People I Know Aren't Politically Active or Involved'

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    'I Don't Want to Leave My Children And My Grandchildren With $25 Trillion in Debt'

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    'I've Always Been Hopeful for New Political Parties'

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    'There's too much private interest'

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    I'm Interested to Hear What the Candidates Will Do for Public Sector Jobs

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    The Economic Disparity in Our Country Is the Most Important Issue

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    'We Have People at Various Extremes That Don't Talk to Each Other'

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    We Need to Give Everyone an Opportunity at Anything That's Possible in the United States

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    'That Type of Motivation is What the American People Need'

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    'There's a Lot of Politicians That Think We're Stupid'

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    'I Have No Problem, If Needed, to Leave the Country'

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    "The Election Process Is All Screwed Up"