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    Fly Lands On Biden's Head During Speech

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    Van Jones: Environmentalists Don't Protest Democrat Presidents

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    WH called out for skipping female reporter at press briefing...

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    Bill Clinton 'feels sympathy' for Romney

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    Hip Hop Radio Callers Upset with President Obama Over Gay Marriage Support

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    Obama To College Women: Michelle Says "You Can Be Stylish And Powerful"

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    Levin Goes Off On CIA Intel Leaks 'This is a disgrace!' 'Treason!'

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    Biden Recreates 911 Call: 'Oh My God, Oh My God! He's coming!'

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    Michelle Obama on Secret Service: 'We love them dearly'

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    Allen West: Obama Tax Rates Are 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction'

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    Rubio Slams Putin as 'Weak'

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    Mark Levin livid over Zimmerman prosecutor

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    Carney: Palin Politicizing Secret Service

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    Carney: 'Someone's Trying to Get Out of the Dog House'

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    Mark Levin: Obama Is An Imperial President

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    MICHELLE OBAMA: 'Families are off limits'...

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    Michelle Obama on Trayvon Tragedy: 'There Isn't a One-Shot Solution to This'

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    Obama Borrows Fox News 'Fair and Balanced'

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    Obama: 'Wild-Eyed Socialist Ronald Reagan' Supported Buffett Rule

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    Obama: "This is not some socialist dream"

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    Mindreader Could've Predicted GSA Las Vegas Convention Fallout and Investigation

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    Obama to Women: 'Progress is Hard... Sometimes Things Move Backwards'

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    Obama's Lame 'Dry Cleaning' Joke to Women

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    Carney on WH geyser: "We're drilling for oil...it's part of our all of the above energy approach."

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    Carney: Obama Attacking Supreme Court Is "The Reverse Of Intimidation"

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    Obama: People Who Didn't Vote for Me Pray for Me

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    Obama: "Feel free to transmit any of this to Vladimir if you see him."

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    Obama calls GOP budget "a Trojan Horse...for thinly-veiled social Darwinism."

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    Biden: 'Pregnancy is a Pre-existing Condition'

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    Mark Levin DISINTEGRATES Obama Court Shot

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    Obama: "President Lincoln couldn't win the (Republican) nomination right now!"

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    Ed Henry asks Carney: "Why did Obama vote for millions in oil company tax breaks in 2005?"

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    House Democrat Goes Berserk, Keeps Yelling After Time Has Expired

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    Joe Biden: 'Thank You Dr. Pepper'

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    McCain: ObamaCare is a "Bad Joke"

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    Reid: Overturning health care could help Obama reelection

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    Justice Alito: Couldn't the government mandate your burial services?

  40. 270 Thumbnail

    Justice Roberts: Can the government make you buy a cell phone?

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    Obama Lawyer Laughed at In Supreme Court

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    Alito to Verrilli: Is it a tax or isn't it?

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    Laura Ingraham Show: Santorum Slams Obama on Trayvon Comments

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    VP Introduced as 'President Biden'...

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    Obama Asks Woman: 'Do You Have YOUR Birth Certificate?'

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    Obama Blames Congress For Solyndra: "Not Our Program, Per Se"

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    Pelosi: Obamacare Is Like Declaration of Independence

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    Dem Rep Connects Romney to Racial Hatred Against Latinos

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    Romney Schools Heckler: 'If You Want Free Stuff, Vote for Obama'

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    Romney: 'I don't see how a young American can vote' for a Democrat

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    Obama: "It's Not As Trendy" To Be In Obama Campaign

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    Obama: I'm 'Proud Generally' Of Our Troops

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    Michelle Obama's Connection to Derrick Bell?

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    Original Occupier: Derrick Bell Blames '1%', 'Wall Street' 'Wealth Disparity' for 'Racial Hostility'

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    Pelosi Asked: Can't Sandra Fluke Just Go to Target?

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    Obama Energy Secretary Chu: I Don't Own A Car

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    Derrick Bell: They Give "White Boys" Tenure

  58. 288 Thumbnail

    Obama Professor Derrick Bell on The Permanence of Racism (1992)

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    Chanting 'USA' at basketball game deemed racist

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    The Misogynist Left Mash-up

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    President Carter: Occupy Has Been "Relatively Successful"

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    Ben and Jerrys Called Out on Occupy Violence

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    Person Faints At Obama Event: "You Gotta Keep Your Blood Sugar Up!"

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    Obama Energy Chief Bombshell Admission on Gas Prices

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    Mark Levin's EPIC Apology to The Troops for Pres. Obama

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    Tax Payer Funded Resources Being Used For Obama Campaign?

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    Obama: "I'm not the king. I'm the president."

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    Nancy Pelosi: 'Laity Church Going People' Support Birth Control

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    WH Gets Called Out Over 'Aggressive Journalism' Hypocrisy

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    Barney Frank: "Tea Party Was More Effective Than Occupy"

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    Pelosi: 98 Percent of Catholic Women Use Birth Control

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    Waxman: 'Koch Industries' Big Winners From Keystone Pipeline

  75. 305 Thumbnail

    Rep. Maxine Waters: GOP Will Get Rid Of Everyone Not Born in U.S.

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    David Brock Debates Bob Beckel

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    Carney Blows Off Lester Kinsolving's Questions

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    Obama Budget Slammed on CNBC

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    Pelosi: Obama Flip Flopped On SuperPACs Because of the 'Koch Brothers'

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    Dem House Member: George Bush Is The Food Stamp President

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    NJ Teachers Union Boss With 500K Salary Tells Poor "Life's Not Fair"

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    Carney Waffles On Obama Super PAC Flip Flop

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    Obama Dictates to Reporters to Cover His Science Fair Event: 'Give This Some Attention'

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    Barney Frank: Bush Tax Cuts Not Adding to Deficit is "Chico Marxist Reasoning"

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    Pelosi: Obama's Anti-Catholic Birth Control Decision was 'Courageous'

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    Biden: I Told The President To Hold Off On Bin Laden

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    Rick Santorum Opens Up About His Wife in the CNN Florida Debate

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    Dem Congresswoman: 20,000 Keystone Jobs 'Not That Many'

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    Henry Waxman Gets OWNED

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    Obama Ambassador: We Support "Universal Values" Not "American Values"

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    Rep. Grayson: Newt is the most hateful person in politics

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    MSNBC Host Insinuates Past GOP Debate Crowds Were 'Bloodthirsty'

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    Rick Santorum Gets Glitter Bombed...Again...by Militant Leftist

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    Warren Buffett Sings On Communist Chinese TV

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    Rep. Clyburn: Obama's Record Food Stamp Usage is Bush's Fault

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    Liberal Robert Redford Blasts Mitt Romney and Conservatives