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Опубликовано: 4 авг. 2006 г.

Mike Barry and Anjuli Kolb star in an absolutely hilarious musical where they start singing broadway style music in a library filled with unsuspecting people.

Lyrics (written by Brian Jacobs)

What's this?

What's this on the page?
I can hardly believe my eyes.
Everything that seems a new surprise
and I'm doing it all because I'm readin' on a dream.

Magical places and faces to see
Poetry, science and technology
Inspiration in my imagination
I'm just a page or two away.

Nobody sings in the library.
Nobody here makes a peep.
But I can't keep it in
Yeah, I just gotta be singin'
and nobody can stop me now.

Because I'm readin' on a dream.
Readin' on a hell of a feeling.
And I wish that I could share
but nobody ever dares.

And I feel so alone.
I'm happy, but I'm on my own.
If only there was someone to s
hare in this experience.

(Anjuli Kolb stands)

Would you give me a chance?
And would you care to dance?

Care!... to dance?


Yes, we're readin' on a dream.
We're Readin' on a hell of feeling
and I found someone to share.
Yes, what a wonderful pair.

Readin' on a dream.
We're readin' on a terrific feeling
and I'm thinkin' it out loud.
Yes, I'm thinkin' it out loud.

Readin', readin' on a,
readin', readin' on a,
readin', we're reading on a dream.

Let's do it!

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