Orihime Inoue -Two Hundred & Fifty Dark Stars-

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Опубликовано: 25 мая 2008 г.

Warning theres some serious abuse of a flickering effect in some scenes of this video. Flashy flashy lights.

I will be uploading videos in lower quality standard versions to make the superior HQ available for viewers. So do watch the HQ version, if it doesn't automatically load for you, by clicking the option beneath the video or adding &fmt=6 to the end of the URL.

This song. Is a bitch. I really cant tell you how difficult it is to make a solid AMV when the song changes styles three times throughout its duration but i had an idea and I felt i should go through with it regardless of the challenge. Its true anyone can put any scene to a video and call it an AMV and whilst my creations arent anything remotely special, I do like to think I atleast give them a strong atmosphere.

The concept behind this was a star field playing alongside what i could only describe as a recollection of Orihime's thoughts and memories throughout the story. Whilst i cant really tell you i know what a dying star looks like, i did my best. xD I wanted to give the impression that as each star died during the course of the video it showed one of her memories or emotions.

RANT RANT RANTITY RANT. Pleeeease dont read this and then moan at me for it, i'm not forcing you to read it and its really just an opinion. Angry, badly spelt hate comments towards Orihime OR Rukia will be instantly deleted. Instant being when i can be bothered.

The girl gets way too much crap from people and so i really wanted to show a connection between her and us. I see two sides to Orihime, one is from her fans who see a young girl in love, with a great deal of self confidence issues. She's no shinigami or arrancar, putting aside the gift she doesnt fully understand and never asked for, shes just a school girl with problems that i think so many people can relate to. Okay so you've never felt romantic feelings towards anyone and you like inflicting pain on others? Thats cool, its your life and i respect that you may not be able to understand this characters premise. If this is the case its YOUR problem, not mine, not her fans and not the characters. As for everyone else, I dont ask that people love her or even LIKE her, simply that you put aside all this shit the ichiruki fans are feeding you and actually focus for a second on how Kubo intended this character to be received. I think if you try, you'll be quite surprised at how easy it is to understand her and the things her character does as the book takes her deeper.

This other side i see, perhaps a side from american/european fans who have never read the manga and simply base their decisions on the anime that has cut/edited and changed so many details that make Orihime who she is. All i hear is 'Orihime is a stupid bitch whore coward cry baby who is getting in the way because rukia and ichigo are in love' that about sums up every reason ive seen for people to hate her. Oh and 'shes annoying', thats a popular one. Well if you find something annoying, you find it annyoing y'know? You dont go on and on and on about how much you want it to die and how your burning hatred for said annoying thing will never die. Unless said annoying thing is wasps.

These are all made up insults in order to justify hating a girl that fans have deemed a threat to IchiRuki. A fan made pairing that has absolutely no factual evidence apart from fans twisting and turning the interactions of two incredibly close friends to better suit their own perception of Bleach. No im not saying Ichigo is in love with hime, no im not saying he's in love with /anyone/ and will continue to stand by this opinion until the day Kubo shows us a love that is clearly viewable by EVERYONE. Not just the IchiRuki/IchiHime fans. Until this day, there is no canon pairing. Dont misunderstand, i'm not getting all preachy, i think people should support whatever little pairing floats their boat if thats what they enjoy, im just saying it isnt right to say Ichigo is in love with Rukia, Rukia is in love with Ichigo etc like its some gospel fact. Lets all just take a deep breath and wait and see? xD

Rukia and Hime are fantastic characters and whilst its true Ichi has has trouble communicating with Inoue for as long as hes known her, someone like Rukia (very Tatsuki-ish) is much easier for him to bond with. I dont see this as a reason to rip on a character that not only hates herself silly for feeling jealousy over this bond but is in actuality, becoming an extremely close friend to Rukia. For every thing you've seen her do that you would look down upon her for, a counter argument could be given as to WHY she did it and why it was the right thing to do. I'm hoping this video will help shed a little light on her and how shes spent the last hundred or so chapters putting her friends and the lives of others before her own well being and as the lyrics say so well, her heart. She's not perfect, no. Wheres the fun in a perfect character?


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