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Decapitated Heads, 888, and The Serpent of the Crossing





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Uploaded on Aug 12, 2008

The aesthetics and metaphors in the Mario brothers franchise have enticed the young and malleable mind for decades ~ the main theme of which involves two brothers using Stargates or wormholes to track down an
ancient race of fire breathing reptilians - and along the way they ingest powerful hallucinogenic Mushrooms or mystical flowers to transform themselves into higher vibrational gods - that can shoot fire balls - grow in size - or fly through the clouds.

On the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the twenty first century the number eight appears in one of the fields of Wiltshire. The sheer scale of this formation is a marvel to behold. Many people were walking among its many circles in awe and wonder.

The particle accelerator at Cern which may reveal the origins of existence heavily resonates with Octagonal geometry; placing it alongside the freedom tower, Mt. Everest or K2, the Giza pyramids and of course the world trade center complex before it was destroyed. These gates or Stargates even contains the number 8 within their pronunciation thus adding to the syncnificance.

Michael Jai White is our Luceferian Lieutenant in the film Spawn..
Thanks to youtuber carltong23 I've discovered that Mr. White also
starred in The Dark Knight where the Joker(Ledger) aka the Clown killed Michel Jai White's character gamble.
Whereas in the movie Spawn, Micheal Jai White kills our Lugi ~ John Leguizamo the Clown. It seems the synchronicity of the Clown returning the favor has some interesting correlations.

Eddie Murphy's Career contains a plethora of synchonicities.. We begin with this scene from "The Adventuress of Pluto Nash," where he aligns with the magic eight ball.. wearing a Bee Mario Hexagon jacket.

Towards the end of the film Spawn Decapitates the Jester in his Demonic form known only as the Violator..
We return to the theme of Decapitated Serpent Heads corresponding with galactic center ~ and in this example it's even more profound.. as Spawn is severing the head of Luigi ~ our green outfitted.. Traveler of the Stargate and ingestor of psychedelic compounds.

During the opening celebration of the Beijing Olympics ~ The Chinese put on a dazzling spectacle where they
symbolically played out their goal for a moon landing by 2028 by dancing on a gigantic sphere at the center of a massive eye shaped complex.. The East has always been strongly pulled
towards the concept of polarity, honor, and destiny.. They also commonly use dragons and feathered serpents in their parades to honor the creator gods and to propel and remind humanity of whence they came from and where they are headed.. or beheaded.

Steve Willner: http://labyrinthofthepsychonaut.blogs...

Jake Kotze:

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