Damn you, Stephan Molyneux!

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Ilipakiwa mnamo 29 Jul 2011

Damn you Stephan Molyneux!

Anarchist artist Victor Pross speaks about anarchist philosopher Stefan Molynuex

Victor Pross speaks about anarchist philosopher Stefan Molynuex . Some of the issued covered: Pross inquires into the question of Molyneux's anarchism and asks: is it rational and moral - or is delusional and utopian? Pross examines his reasons switching to anarchism, accounting for his own approach. "A great many people think they are thinking," writes William James, "when they are merely rearranging their prejudices"

Is James' cynism of man's abilty to acquire geniunine, objective knowledge, or are we doomed to blind prejudices? This are the question anarchist intellectuls would tackle.


Stefan Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio.

"Powerful ideas for all lovers of the logic of personal and political freedom - Freedomain Radio was a Top 10 Finalist in the 2007-2010 Podcast Awards, and has been named one of the 'Top 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators.' Topics range from politics to philosophy to self-knowledge to economics to relationships to religion - and how to achieve real freedom in your life. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio is a philosophy conversation that shines a bold light on old topics, and invents a few new ones to boot!"

Victor Pross is an artist.

"Victor Pross' hyper-intensive paintings explore the shifting boundaries between beauty and ugliness developing out of the artist's fascination with the illusionary apects of pop culture. Pross' paintings examine the varying layers of human perception by manipulating form and color and tours a netherworld populated by movie stars, musicians political figures, and ordinary people that are stretched and distorted but are always alarmingly recognizable. Pross employs a meticulous melding of hyperrealism and surrealism to make his vision come to life. With over 70 drawings and paintings "ICONS & IDOLS" magnificently surveys the past decade of Pross' vision and insights of the human condition".


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