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St Francis of Assisi - Mickey Rourke - Porziuncola

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Pubblicato il 06 ago 2007

Please comment. Feedback! The seraphic Saint Francis, due to his singular love towards the blessed Virgin Mary, always took diligent care of the tiny church dedicated to Saint Mary of the Angels, also known as the Porziuncola.

It is here that he settled with his friar brothers, that he began with Saint Clare of Assisi the order of the Poor Clares, and here where he concluded the course of his admirable life.

The Saintly Founder obtained from Pope Honorious III the historical indulgence, which the Supreme Pontiffs successively confirmed and extended to numerous other churches.

In order to recall all these glorious memories, the Seraphic Franciscan Order celebrates with joy the Feast of Pardon on August 2nd of every year.

Enjoy the clip!

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