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October 7th - Last Update For Now

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Pubblicato il 07 ott 2008

There are strong indications that we may suffer a bond market dislocation (and attendant stock market crash) which could come as early as tomorrow.

This is a direct consequence of Congressional refusal to address the issues for over a year, and Bernanke and Paulson playing "smartest men in the room."

I urge everyone to be prepared for a potential economic Depression, as if we get a bond market dislocation it will catapult us into a full-on Depression - this was what caused it in 1930-32, and it will be again, if it occurs.

If we the people are going to get in front of Congress and stop this, it has to happen now. Right now.

A few thousand views and the conspiracy nutballs who have infested the commentary of the previous videos will not do the job.

I will put what time I have available towards these videos and similar things in the future, but my family comes first.

It is now up to you, the people of America, to decide whether you wish to whine, bitch and moan in comments on Youtube, or whether you are going to take action such as visiting and hounding Congress, caling General Strikes, and similar forms of PEACEFUL direct action.

Time has expired for you to choose and you must make your decision today. Refusal to act is a choice, and ALL choices have consequences.

This is, literally, one of the most important decisions you will make - whether by your action or intentional inaction.

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