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Kris Kristofferson - Sister Sinead (2009)

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Uploaded on Jul 11, 2011

video blocked in Germany

Kris' song "Sister Sinead" (1:25) from his new album
"Closer to the bone"

I thought the video needed some prologue to see what mess she actually was in to understand what Kris sings about.
She was waiting really patiently for the audience to be quiet and ready to listen to her song - the first part of the vid is uncut.
The tribute show (Oct 1992) had started very well, but then ended up in deep awkwardness...
Where had the audience's spirit gone???

Here's a link to the video of Sinead's performance

The incident that was followed by a huge media excitement was the following:
In thas SNL show two weeks before she was a musical guest. She was singing an a cappella version of Bob Marley's "War," which she intended as a protest against permanent cases of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and its denial by them, by changing the lyric "racism" to "child abuse". She then presented a photo of the Pope to the camera while singing the word "evil," after which she tore the photo into pieces, said "Fight the real enemy," and threw the pieces towards the camera.

Kris later said in an interview, "...A stage manager came up to me because I was one of the MCs and said, 'Get her off the stage.' I was so pissed off... I wasn't about to tell her to get off the stage so I walked out and said to her, 'Don't let the bastards get you down", and she replied, 'I'm not down.' She's such a good example of good intentions that just get you into trouble. She's talking about human rights, and she's not a bad guy; the bad guys are the guys who are against human rights."

Sinead was scheduled to sing a Bob Dylan song at the tribute, but wasn't able to start it... so, after these long minutes of waiting for quiet, she screamed over the audience with an improvised, shouted rendition of "War". This time, she sang the song, stopping just after the part in which the lyrics talk about child abuse, emphasizing the point of her previous action.

Willie also looked pretty pissed off...

Kris sang a wonderful version of Dylan's song "I'll be your baby tonight" at this tribute show, but his performance is NOT on that concert DVD (Why not???)

You can find Sinead O'Connor's song "War" on YT.

In 1997, Sinead O'Connor was interviewed in "Vita", an Italian weekly newspaper. In the interview, she asked the Pope to forgive her. She claimed that the tearing of the photo was "a ridiculous act, the gesture of a girl rebel." She claimed she did it "because I was in rebellion against the faith, but I was still within the faith." She went on to quote Saint Augustine, by saying, "Anger is the first step towards courage." However, she remained unrepentant about the incident, and when asked if she would change anything about her SNL appearance, she replied, "Hell, no!"

Ich sing dieses Lied für meine Schwester Sinead
bezüglich des Gottes-schlimmen Durcheinanders,
das sie verursacht hat
als sie ihnen ihre Wahrheit erzählte
so gut sie das konnte.
Ihre Nachricht wurde jedoch völlig missverstanden.

Da gibt es Menschen, denen die Bewachung unseres Goldes anvertraut wird,
und Menschen in der Verantwortung,
Seelen zu retten.
Und Menschen reagierten in der ganzen Welt
und verdammten dieses mutige
glatzköpfige junge Mädchen.

Und vielleicht ist sie verrückt und vielleicht ist sie's nicht,
aber das waren auch Picasso und auch die Heiligen
Sie hat nie eine Vorliebe gehabt für Zwänge oder Ketten,
Sie ist zu alt um gebrochen und zu jung um gezähmt zu werden.

Seinen Hals zu strecken heißt um Ärger zu bitten,
wenn das Ziel eine große Silhouette ist.
Aber einige Kerzen flackern,
und manche gehen aus,
Und manche brennen so wahr
wie meine Schwester Sinead.

Bei einem Auftritt am 3. Oktober 1992 in einer Sendung von Saturday Night Live zerriss Sinead O'Connor vor laufenden Kameras ein Bild von Papst Johannes Paul II. im amerikanischen Fernsehen. Bei diesem Auftritt sang sie Bob Marleys Lied "War", ersetzte jedoch das Wort 'racism' durch 'child abuse'. Sie wollte damit gegen die ihrer Meinung nach ständige Leugnung von Kindesmissbrauchsfällen in der katholischen Kirche protestierten...
Aufgrund der darauf folgenden gesellschaftlichen Anfeindungen zog sie sich für einige Zeit aus dem Musikgeschäft zurück.

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