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7 reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight

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Uploaded on Jul 13, 2010

EDIT: I'd like to thank everyone for all of the lovely comments and keeping the hating and debating to a minimum. I read every single comment I get (or I try, my inbox is pretty full.) Thanks so much! :D


Q) Why did you compare the two series, Harry Potter is clearly better?
A) If only we could all be so intelligent.

Q) About that thing you said at the end about how Rob is hotter than Dan...
A) Please understand that at that ending part after my factish opinions I am talking about what OTHER people say. Not what I say personally. So, no I don't think Rob Pattison is hotter than Daniel Radcliffe, please get off my back about that.

Q) Twilight hasn't had more box office success.
A) Think of it from a different perspective. Harry Potter has released 8 movies and generated $7,404,002,609. Twilight has released three and has generated $1,071,119,810. That's over a billion dollars in three movies. Twilight also made their movies on a significantly lower budget than Harry Potter. So Twilight has made a pretty significant amount of money.

Q) You know these aren't really FACTS right?
A) I do. But they are as close to facts as I can get in an opiniated subject.

Q) What are you credentials for making this video?
A) I'm an English major.

Q) It's called the Philosopher's stone, dumbass.
A) In the most of Europe and where I live (Cork, Ireland) it's the Philosopher's stone, yes. But in America where a big majority of the YouTube audience is and in the movies it's the Sorcerer's Stone. I figured more people would recognize the Sorcerer's Stone.

Q) I like Twilight better.
A) May I direct you to your people?
Have fun.

Q) Harry Potter font? Where do I get it?
HP font link:


There's a lot of controversy on the subject, I'm just here to clear the air on that.

Please feel free to give your opinions but no hating on other opinions. Give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down and be done with it. Hating is hurtful and silly.

As promised more deatiled explinations:

1. The soundtrack
Most of were young when Harry Potter came out so that tune holds a special place in our hearts. I've yet to meet a person who can't hum it or whistle it. It's just un-questionably perfect.
Twilight has a decent score but it's nothing special. It's very forgetable.
To me the music is a very important part of the film

2. The Casting
There's not a member of the Harry Potter cast who isn't absolutely perfect for a role. Many of the actors started young (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson) You saw them grow up as the films went on they've gotten progressively better.
Considering how 1 dimensional and boring the characters in Twilight are I think they were pretty spot on. But they're acting is.... well....

3. The Visual Effects
Harry Potter's effects are groundbreaking and are constantly pushing the limits. They definetly bring you into the magical world.
Twilight's are decent but can't compare with Harry Potter.

4. Critical Aclaim
Yeah sure Twilight has a ton of totally loyal fans who suggest it to everyone they see, but the big guys know what's what. And they know it's not THAT good.

5. Storyline
Harry Potter's is very ingenius it's not complex at all and appeals to all ages. I, (age 17) have loved it since I was 4. And my Father (age 46) loves it to.
Twilight is a cliche romance. I read better fan fictions

6. Awards/Nominations
Harry Potter has had six total Oscar Nominations (an incredible honor)
Twilight has none: if it WERE that good, it should have gotten some by now.

7. Pacing (Space between Films)
Harry Potter had nice build up but didn't anger the audience waiting to long. They took their time built anticipation and voila.
Twilight released their's in a flash. After seeing Twilight, 2 weeks later I went to another film and saw a trailer for New Moon (the same with New Moon and Eclipse). Slow down will you. (Yes I am award Breaking Dawn isn't coming out until 2011, took them three tries to learn)

Harry Potter is sole property of Warner Brothers and JK Rowling.
Twilight is sole property of Summit Entertainment and Stephanie Meyer.

I own nothing.

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