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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - Dearly Beloved [Extended w/ DL Link]

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Uploaded on Dec 22, 2011

Before we begin, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life, and all the gifts which I've been given in it, including the ability to make this extension. Your name be glorified, my Savior, even in something as small as this. Amen.

MP3 Link: (right-click and "Save As")

"Darkness becomes light.
Light falls into darkness.
Dreams are connected to each other.
When you fall into a dream
You are connected through dreams to "The world enclosed in sleep".
And if you open the "Keyhole of sleep" in that world..."

Dearly beloved, we are gathered this day to witness the ninth and final installment of Amateur Extension Theater 2000's special compilation series, "Kingdom Hearts: Dearly Compendium". I'm your distantly dreaming host, Alkahest. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good title drop.

Soon to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance follows the exploits of Sora and Riku. Lifelong best friends and an unstoppable force, they at last fight side by side -- though in a manner which I doubt either them would've expected. As they dive into the depths of distant dreams, they will visit worlds that, while familiar, are nothing like before. New friends and enemies alike await them within, but perhaps it is the insidious echoes of the past that will challenge them the most...

'Dearly Beloved', as composed by Yoko Shimomura. No matter the form it takes, there is always one thing you can count on: a slow, hauntingly beautiful melody. As with every version since Chain of Memories, Yoko weaves a little something new into the overall experiencing, building upon it time and again to recreate the timeless classic we've all come to know and love... except this time, there's actually something unexpectedly cheerful in the mix! Gasp! A 'Dearly Beloved' that has moments of almost comic and zany elements?! MADNESS!

Actually, I think it worked out really well. It took me completely by surprise, but in a good way; it kind of ties in nicely with the upcoming KH title's visiting worlds that seem to have celeberations taking place on quite a few of them. Plus... it definitely sums up my feelings about the return of a certain nobody-who-is-once-more-a-somebody. I won't name names, but let's just say it really _warmed_ my heart.

Oh, and this is technically just a loop of the 'Dearly Beloved' they have on the KH3DS website, downloaded from Youtube. I think it turned out okay. How about you? Well, regardless, this brings 'Dearly Compendium' to a close... for now. But someday, God willing, there will be a Kingdom Hearts III to look forward to. And if there's a "Dearly Beloved" to be extended from there, too... count on me to try and be among the first to extend it.

Thanks for tuning in! If you're interested, AET2k has one final upload for today: my 600th extension. Whether it's pronounced/spelled Ary or Arlee, there's no doubt in my mind that it is probably the greatest snowy town theme to ever come out from the "Tales of" Series; fitting that it was heard in their original title, Tales of Phantasia! (Though this is totally the PSX remake version.) See you again soon! Take care, and may God bless.

Disclaimer: This MP3 extension was uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, and in no way profits me. All rights are reserved to their respective creators, and videos are subject to removal per their request.

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"The world will be released."

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