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German Army Peak Oil Study - within 10 years oil shortages may collapse global economy





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Uploaded on Dec 14, 2011

In November 2010, the German Military released a study on the effects of Peak Oil. This video summarizes that study.


  1. 1

    Behold the Fall of the American Empire

  2. 2

    America faces Slow Rot of Economic Stagnation and swelling Debt Burden as Govt Dependency Expands

  3. 3

    Economic Collapse Survival Map - Risk Analysis of best area in United States

  4. German Army Peak Oil Study - within 10 years oil shortages may collapse global economy

  5. 5

    Are you ready for $6 gasoline? -- Oil shortages are likely to occur by 2020 with Peak Oil

  6. 6

    When will America Collapse? Today's bad news provide a timeline to Economic Collapse.

  7. 7

    The Economic Death of America has begun. Unemployment Numbers False

  8. 8

    Backyard Victory Garden -- learning how to grow vegetables and fruits before food shortages

  9. 9

    The Collapse of America is coming soon. Next Recession will Permanently Cripple the U.S. Economy

  10. 10

    Peak Oil Update - Will rising fuel costs derail the Economic Recovery?

  11. 11

    Expanding the backyard garden area ---- without upsetting the Wife (Crisis Preparations)

  12. 12

    COLLAPSE -- Starvation will Kill Thousands of Americans in the next Economic Downturn

  13. 13

    The End of America - Debt Explosion and Rising Interest Rates will Destroy Reserve Currency Status

  14. 14

    PEAK OIL ---- How Will You Ride the Slide?

  15. 15

    Peak Oil update

  16. 16

    Peak Oil: When will it arrive? How will it effect us? and can Green Energy save us?

  17. 17

    America's 2nd Great Depression is coming and will bring the End of America with it

  18. 18

    Backyard garden tour --- fruit trees and Crisis preparations

  19. 19

    The beginning of the End of America - Obama plans to Destroy America by Bankrupting it

  20. 20

    The next Great Depression -- Obama's Legacy will be the Collapse of America

  21. 21

    How to store Vegetable Seeds for Crisis Preparedness / Survival Gardening / Economic Collapse

  22. 22

    Emergency Preparedness Water Storage -- a simple and inexpensive solution

  23. 23

    Peak Oil strikes 2020: Oil price spike causes Worldwide Depression and Food shortages

  24. 24

    COLLAPSE -- Debt, Peak Oil and Societal Dysfunction end Modern Civilization

  25. 25

    The coming Commercial Real Estate defaults and Banking Crisis

  26. 26

    Option ARM Reset to higher mortgage rates

  27. 27

    Banking Crisis - second wave of $1.5 trillion home loan defaults

  28. 28

    An Economic Storm is approaching - Stock Market Collapse and 15% Unemployment

  29. 29

    Backyard survival gardening- setting up an area and composting - preparing for Economic Collapse

  30. 30

    Economic Collapse/ Depression soon.. You have been Warned

  31. 31

    When will America Collapse? .....answers from Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente and others

  32. 32

    The Coming Ice Age -- Global Warming Ends and America Freezes

  33. 33

    Who is Jim Chanos and could his prediction of a Chinese economic downturn collapse America too?

  34. 34

    Who is Jim Rogers and why does he say America's Next Economic Crisis Very Soon?

  35. 35

    TSHTF soon. Social Order Collapses - Guns Confiscated by Government

  36. 36

    The Bankruptcy of America: by Spiraling Sovereign Debt and Hyperinflation

  37. 37

    Manchurian Candidate Obama Plans to Destroy America

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