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    Impeach Obama for NSA Spying Program?

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    Fox News Blames ACLU NSA Spying Lawsuit for Stock Market Drop?

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    Local News Lets Sheriff Get Away With Breaking Law?

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    Dogs Rally for Mom Facing Deportation Because Her Dogs Barked?

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    Sheriff Scams Sacramento Out of Jail Money?

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    Horrible Bosses Knows Your Rights?

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    Limits on Obama's Flying Killer Robots?

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    Fox News Fraud on Voter Fraud, Voter ID? (feat HowTheWorldWorks)

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    Using R-Word Is Totally Gay?

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    13 Years in Prison for $146 Forgery Is Justice?

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    Prison Increases Safety?

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    Detention Without Trial Now in US Law?

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    Prison for Recording Cop Story Forgot First Amendment?

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    Fox News Misreports Pepper Spray Legality?

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    Bill O'Reilly Lie on Gitmo Lawyers EXPOSED?

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    WikiLeaks Guilty of Espionage?

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    Fox News Forgot First Amendment Forbids Christian Graduation From Public School?

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    Fox News Blames Occupiers For Police Violence?

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    Gingrich on SOPA Proves Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day?

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    ACLU Runs CIA?

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    What Do Our Jails Say About Us?

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    Know Your Rights?

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    California Ending Death Penalty?

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    Daily Show Asks If Gitmo Is Prison or Zoo?

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    Colbert, Cops Say Taser of Innocent Not Excessive?

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    Lethal Injection a Life Saver?

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    Corporate Amnesty vs Your Privacy

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    Blame the Evidence Not the Crime?

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    WHAT WAR ON CHRISTMAS? ACLU Fights for Christmas Tree!

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    Killing Costs California $1 billion?

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    Fair to Ignore Murder Victims' Family Against Death Penalty?

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    Fox News Removes Innocence from ACLU Stance on Gitmo Detainees?

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    The Daily Show Reminds Us that NAMBLA is a Joke

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    O'Reilly Says ACLU Aids Terrorism?

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    Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law Analysis from LiberalViewer

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    ACLU Memorial Day Free Speech Win!

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    Is Gay Marriage A Two-Sided Issue?

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    How the ACLU Got Viacom To Treat My YouTube Videos Fairly #1

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    How the ACLU Got Viacom To Treat My YouTube Videos Fairly #2

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    Fox News Cares About Privacy (or Just Sarah Palin)?

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    Colbert Finds ACLU Mole at Fox News?

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    McCain Right USA Based on Judeo-Christian Principles?

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    Will Prop 4 Kill Young Women in California?

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    Can a Public Library Screw Your Constitutional Rights?

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    ACLU Fights Wiretapping Approved by Obama, McCain and Bush

  46. 46 Thumbnail

    Does Mitt Romney Know What *Civil Liberties* Are?

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    Fox News or MSNBC More Fair on Torture Memos?

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    Fox News Spins Gay Marriage Ruling in O'Reilly No Spin Zone?

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    Nazi Christmas, OJ and Holocaust Deniers Get Free Speech?

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    A Culture War Between Hollywood and Pahrump, Nevada?

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    McCain, Republicans Want Welfare for Anti-Evolutionists?

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    YouTube Suspensions Fair?

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    Does Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Want Government Religion?

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    O'Reilly Says Torture "Absolute Success?"

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    Lie to Say Illegals Not Insured by Health Reform?

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    HowTheWorldWorks Misleads Viewers

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    Big Brother Coming to California's Capital?

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    Fox News Helps Bush Hide Scope of His New Power to Spy on US

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    Fox News Forgets Net Neutrality in Story on Net Neutrality?

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    Coerced Confessions No Good from Iran But OK from the FBI?

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    Demand Your dotRights!

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    Fox News Anti-Islam T-Shirt Story Unfairly Attacks ACLU?

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    ACLU Christmas Spirit Beats Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter?

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    Is It Just Corporate Free Speech?

  65. 65 Thumbnail

    Sarah Palin Says Only Americans Worthy of Rights?

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    Daily Show Mocks Gay Marriage Ban or Chickens?

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    Nobody on Fox News Defends Right to Jury Trial?

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    "What Will it Be, Mr. President?" ACLU Asks Obama

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    Supreme Court Takes Bong Hits 4 Jesus

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    Michael Moore Mistake in "Capitalism: A Love Story" on FDR's Second Bill of Rights?

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    Fox News Dishonest Editing of Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu?

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    Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law Un-American?

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    School Censoring American Flag on Cinco de Mayo Unconstitutional?

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    Fox News Forgets ACLU Story Contradicts Fox Falsehood

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    "Losing Our Religion" Misleading?

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    Tell Arnold No Shackling Pregnant Women in California!

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    Fox News War on Christmas Anti-ACLU Lie of 2010?

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    Dick Cheney Lies About Torture Working?

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    Fox News Hides US Spying On Own Citizens?

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    Overview of NSA Spying Law Since 9/11

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    Paul Feig's "The Heat" Breaks Gender Stereotypes?

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    Google YouTube Purchase Means End of Fox News?

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    ACLU of Northern California Bill of Rights Day: Justice Carlos Moreno, Nancy Pemberton, Abdi Soltani