FALSELY FLAGGED: Todd White - Street Healing (with an amputee!)





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Uploaded on Apr 4, 2010

Zechariah 13:3 (King James Version)

And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the LORD: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.

Technically, it is your duty as a christian to kill this guy.

Just saying.

This guy is so clearly fake I don't even understand how Christian Broadcast Network gives this guy his own show. Todd White shows us how praying for Jesus can make sure both of your legs are the same length too! Not my best video but this guy was too absurd to pass up.

Just a few facts: 98% of people have slightly different length limbs. Anything more than a few millimeters is very rare, but does happen. However, the only two accepted methods to accurately measure the human body are with a person laying completely flat or when standing straight up. For obvious reasons, when someone is sitting down, their weight is often shifted slightly to one side or the other and it is impossible to get an accurate measurement in this position. This is an old chiropracter trick that they used to use to trick people into believing they needed to pay for anatomical adjustments. This is nothing new, but this guy isn't a chiropracter so it's *kind of* strange. He doesn't appear to be soliciting money on the spot so the only other logical explanation is that he uses this act to bolster his name to increase his audio CD sales (they ALL sell SOMETHING).

Here's an interesting and far more educated psychological analysis that I found online of this video:

This is pure hypnosis at it's unintentional best.

1) Induce confusion by behaving and speaking in a confusing manner ie. Sammy Hagar kneels in front of black hip hoppers. The cameras are a bonus.
2) Hypnotic pre-talk: If God where to heal you would know it immediately wouldn't you, because he loves you so much. The (implied) "because" is very important.
3) Invoke preprogrammed authority (God/Jesus) to instruct the Other Mind (aka. unconscious mind) what to do.
4) Ambiguous touch. "Let be SEE your hand." And he TOUCHES his hand. Brilliant! AND a compliance test. Each action requested that the subject complies with increases their trance and suggestibility.
5) Duel-induction technique with Todd's syrupy partner chiming in on a completely different topic (God loves you).
6) Implied command to close eyes and drop into the relaxation position of head flopped forward by the "hypnotist" doing it first.

The young man is now fully hypnotized, meaning his conscious mind is over loaded with information and he is so busy inside trying to find out what in his experience explains what is going on, that the Other Mind/Body Mind/Unconscious Mind is wide open to suggestions. Like:

6) RELAX. Note the thrice repeated direct command: "Back I command you (because) in Jesus name, Let him go, let him go... every muscle and tendon, let him go". Let go = relax.
7) Cold read: "I am hearing this FROM GOD your back hurts all the time RIGHT?" Yes!
Practical direction: Sit up straight and take that heavy backpack off.
9) Chiropractic treatment. This is a favorite of Christian healers because it is so dramatic and easy to do: lengthening legs. The unconscious now in full suggestibility responds to the command for the leg to grow relaxes the muscles that had been tensed up since the injury in an attempt to not feel the pain, and Viola! the leg "grows". It didn't actually gain any length the muscles at the hip simply relaxed on command.
10) Continued suggestions: "Come on man, is your back good? That's right, completely good." Classic leading. Telling the subject what he feels.

Source: http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/for...


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