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LORE - Fallout Lore in a Minute!





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Uploaded on Oct 26, 2011

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Spending some quality post-apocalypse time in Fallout? Brush up on your Lore! Have Fun!

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Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

Writing Supervision by Dodger

Written by Cody

Voiced by Lewis of TheYogsCast

Edited by Schroeder

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LORE - Fallout Lore in a Minute!

In the year 2077 of an alternate history Earth where people never quite got over the '50s- the world is plunged into nuclear armaggeddon, the fallout of which - 100 years later - has given rise to a rag-tag society mainly comprised of steampunk enthusiasts. 

Before the bombs fell, however, the US government built a series of fallout shelters called "Vaults" - ostensibly to protect the populace but with a hidden agenda to subject their occupants to cruel and unusual social and environmental experiments.

As part of one of these tests - the computer chip maintaining the water supply in Vault 13 fails - and the stricken vault dwellers must pin their hopes on you, a young hero to venture into the wasteland and save them. 

But the story does not end there - a hundred years on, another young vault dweller sets out into the ruins of Washington DC, shouldering the enormous task of providing clean water for everyone in the wasteland. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, a young courier in the Mojave desert, a young courier is shot in the head over a mysterious platinum chip, but is lucky to survive and seeks revenge. 

Pick up your weapon of choice be it machete, revolver, or laser gun and get out there.

Have fun! Lore (aka Lore in a minute) is a leading video game industry animated cartoon video series that provides backstory to your favorite video games. Lore is connected to Polaris and The Game Station. Both Lore in a minute and Fast Facts formats help explain the history of video game development while often tying it to video game console inventions and video game industry evolving technology. Lore brings all this together in the context of your favorite video games. Using entertaining animation and cartoons Lore makes learning about your favorite games and video game culture super fun! Be sure to check out many of Lore’s most popular video game videos to learn more about the backstory and history of your favorite aspects of the gaming industry, game titles, inventions, and gaming consoles.


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