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Frank Ocean - I Need It [2013] [New]





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Published on Jun 9, 2012

Download Link Here:

Previously a rare and unreleased single by Frank Ocean. Make sure to check out his new album "channel ORANGE" coming out on July 17, 2012.

[Verse 1:]
One winter morning I went for a drive, I stopped somewhere between June & July
I love these warmer days
But maybe I can't see that the snow's still falling
I only see the gift my heart just brought me
(Merry Christmas babe) That's what she said
She didn't have to do much, but she made me smile
December in Manhattan feels like South Beach now
I love my baby, ohh yes I do

It ain't about you givin' anything, as long as you're my everything
Cause lady what could you give to me better than what you've been givin me
Just keep talkin' in my ear, cause I need it
And tell me you'll be right here if I need ya
The greatest present you could give is the present (ohhh, I need it)

[Verse 2:]
It's just a regular morning, I'm a regular guy
Takin' the train to my 9 to 9
(But something's different today)
I had an envelope sittin' right next to my breakfast
And it's from my baby, not the bill collectors
(Happy Birthday Babay)
Then it said... I know we don't got much but baby we got us
And after you get off, we gon' make sweet love
Now go and get that cake (ohhh yeah)


[Verse 3:]
One day the whole world will hear me sing
Then I'mma run and buy you those things
But right now, three months pay barely gets me a diamnond baby
But one day I'mma buy you that ring

Just keep talkin' in my ear, cause I need it
And tell me you'll be right there if I need ya
The greatest present you could give is the present (ohhh, I need it)

(Nothing but everything)
(I don't need anything, long as you're my everythinng)

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