Lilo & Stitch 'Ace' original storyboard Part 2

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Publicado el 29 mar. 2007

Please read this full description to understand how I came to do this.

Basically, I've often amused friends with my voice. I've been told by a voiceover industry coach that I'd "be a fool not to pursue a career at it," even (but I've been a fool). The amusement of friends, however, tends to be limited to reciting favorite scenes of existing material.

So when this storyboard was posted by the artist before the episode was broadcast, it gave me an opportunity to A) act, and B) create a voice for a new character.

Of course, I can't sound like Daveigh Chase, but I tried to deliver her lines as I thought she would as Lilo. And I couldn't remember what Cannonball's voice was like.

What I didn't know at the time is that almost half of this episode would be cut out by the Board of Standards & Practices. So, what you get here (well, mostly in Part 2), besides my cheapo microphone voiceover take, is a sort of "Deleted Scenes" reel for this episode.

If you've never heard a raw voiceover without sound effects or music, some of the breathing and grunts may sound strange to you. But that's how it's done!


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